Squally Parkrun

Squally Parkrun

As expected rain turned up on time for today's Parkrun, but on my way down to Parkrun I was quite optimistic, the sun was poking through the clouds and the wind wasn't as bad as I thought. However no sooner did Parkrun start, the wind and rain came down with a vengeance, the first mile saw the wind and rain blowing direct into our faces and did slow things down a little.

I was pleased with my run even with the challenging conditions, and at the finish line most of the runners I talked too were unperturbed by the wind and rain. What a hardy bunch runners are eh! Or are we just obsessed with getting out running? 😊

Happy with my time today and very pleased as I came second in my age group for the second week running, one day, just one day, I might be the fastest in my age group, if only! 😂 Time for my run was 26.28 with a pace of 8.34/mile and came 52 out of 121 runners. Have a great weekend all!

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  • I am so in awe of you Frank completing the park run in that time. I also do Park Run and this week which was my, my time was 32.18. My PB was a few weeks ago and I did 30.50 Im just not sure how to improve my speed - I would really appreciate any tips. I always come in first in my age category 65-69 but would love to be able to do it under 30 mins. Also I loved the idea of you running with your Grandson - that must be a brilliant feeling.

  • Thank you Maria that's very kind. I hope you enjoy parkruns as much as I do, I find them very friendly and supportive. I believe you will achieve your goal of under 30 mins, I find I have made PB's when I least expect too, so I'm sure you will too. Enjoy your runs and PB,s will follow. That was the first time with my grandson and loved every minute of it and hope this will continue in the future, the trouble is I'm 50 years older than him and my little legs can't keep up! ha ha. Have a lovely week and keep up the good work. 😎

  • Thanks for that Frank. Someone from Park Run last Saturday had persuaded me to to join a local running club in the evening, so when I return from holiday, I will probably do that plus my Park Run on a Saturday. I will definitely let you know when I achieve sub 30m.

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