Liver, bacon and onion fuel

Liver, bacon and onion fuel

I could squeeze in an extra 5k run this week and then do a 10k (even do some run walking as a rest) on Saturday. Very tempted as Thursday is my cake cooking day and I need to get away from the cinnamon wafting around the kitchen. My husband is going to watch rugby on Saturday too. I have my treats lined up - run, then liver, bacon, onion and mash with a side of peas! My life is so exciting!

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  • OMG! That looks or gorgeous. Fine running food 😊

  • Oh man I LOVE liver & bacon. It's been ages since I had it though as hubster doesn't like it. That looks amazing 👍🤗

  • I waited til he was out!!

  • Ha ha ha good plan! 😆👍

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