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Having run 8k last Sunday and ending up barely able to walk with sore calf/ knee on my right leg I rested for a week and tried a short run this morning. My gait felt strange to begin with but improved as I continued at a slow pace. Decided to limit myself to 3k and that took 21 minutes. Felt strange stopping at that but did and walked 3k home with no pain in leg. Planning to do a few more short runs this week and increase distance again next Sunday if leg holds up. Does this seem a reasonable plan ?

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Yes it sounds like a good plan. Just listen to your body, ease back into the longer distances and keep stretching!

Well done on the 8K btw.


Yes it does. I know what you mean about your gait not feeling right. Ease slowly back into running over the next few weeks. I always soak in an Epsom Salts bath post run and I'm sure it helps with inflammation

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I have run 2 slow 3ks but lower leg and knee painful and difficult to walk on again. Wondering if I need to take a longer break from running. Wishing I had stuck to 5k for a while rather than pushing for longer distance and ending up like this. I am slower than ever now !


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