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Feeling frustrated

I was out running Friday last week and got a pain shooting through my kneecap. I rested over the weekend which helped and got it checked out at the doctors on the Monday. I've strained the ligament so I have not been able to do any walking or running this week. This is seriously annoying especially since I have a 11 mile walk in 4 weeks time. I have started to do some physio exercises to help strengthen that area of my leg and wondered if anyone had any other suggestions on what to do. Thanks

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You could look at for extra exercises. Also and

Long term, as long as your running is moderate, then knees often strengthen (mine have). It is always worthwhile trying to isolate the cause of any injury so avoidance measures can be taken.

Give yourself some rest and you will soon be back out stronger than before.

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Thank you IannodaTruffe for the links. There are some which I will be able to incorporate into my working day as I work in an office. Hopefully I will be back on my walking/running feet again soon.


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