Today I broke through the 5k barrier :)

So pleased!! It's been niggling in my brain now for a few weeks.. wanting to see if I can..

read lots of posts on here last night from months ago about pushing past the 5 k.. So thismorning I prepared my brain that today was the day..

Since graduation on 2nd of june.. I've been running 2 x3k and a 5k every week.. and thought if I just mentally prepared I could.. it really worked for me today.. felt strong at 4k.. and took a 30 second walk break to have a proper drink of water. Wipe my eyes snot and sweat.. gritted my teeth and pushed forwards:)

Was amazed at my 5k marker by mapmyrun..I knew I could go on... and even ran that last k faster than any of the rest.. felt amazing..

So happy to be here on the bridge to ten k :)

Woopee I may be on my way..

Thanks everyone for the posts from your journeys past for all the advice..

Happy running everyone x

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  • And to make it all the sweeter... 8 days before my 50th birthday :)

  • Well done! Funny how that magic number (50! ) galvanises us in to action but nice to know 'we still got it!'😀 Good luck on your journey to 10!

  • Well done! You are very much on your way!

    Happy running 👟

  • Fab ! Well done Sparky, great stuff :-) xxx

  • Woohoo well done, that's great news. Mines a couple of week after yours and to me I'm not bothered at all, I never thought my new found love at 50 would be running, I literally feel half my age.

  • Sparky, that is wonderful! I did my first 6k very recently and tomorrow I will attempt 6.5k or - if the legs are good - 7k. It is amazing how we are moving forward :-)

  • Thanks everyone.. still so chuffed.. . I'm amazed at what I'm achieving.. feels like a mini graduation.. night night all..


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Well done sparky! "Wipe my eyes snot and sweat" haha! Love it! Sums up running in the summer 😝

  • Hi Sparky. Just seen that you are on the Bridge..Me too just joined..

    Hope your birthday went witb a bang..

    50 is the new 30..😉😁😁

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