I'm a bit "put out" this week!!!

I normally run 4 times per week but this week life has intervened. It looked like it would have to be only 3 days - then down to only 2 days -- I went to an agricultural show yesterday and we were on and off our feet for 7 hours. I think my legs are also telling me that they are a bit tired, even slightly "sore" ( ran non-stop for almost 3 hours last week) and I am the 35 minute pacer for our local parkrun on Saturday - so all things considered , I think I will rest until then!! :)

2 Replies

  • Think you need bit of a rest. How are you getting on with that massage stick now - calves still good?

  • Yes - haven't been using it much lately. Calves have not been giving me much grief. I mostly wear compression socks lately and I do feel that they are worth the effort.

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