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My running week

Well hello all you lovely people, I hope that you are all well?

My running week has not been too bad. Managed to get in a 10k run on Monday, although that wasn't without incident, I got stung on my bottom lip by a wasp! That was interesting having never been stung before, so after a minute of faffing around and forgetting to pause my runkeeper I carried on only to feel my lip swelling as I ran. Still nothing too bad so carried on and felt pretty good for the whole 10k. Finished that in just over 1hr 4mins which was ok considering that I haven't run that distance in almost a month. MrsMat30 was impressed with my lip swelling by the time I got home, I didn't say anything to her to see if she noticed and there was a look of shock on her face. I thought it was quite funny! Thursdays brick session (Ride/Run) was absolutely awful I couldn't get into a run rhythm at all and my time was abysmal. I just hope that is not a sign of what's to come. Todays run was not too bad my first km was fairly slow paced but I do have a sore Achilles so I didn't want to start off too quickly, the plan being to get the blood flowing and warmed up properly, still after that I managed to speed up a bit so all in all it wasn't too bad a time today.

Now for a taper week which is very welcome, just a light run on Tuesday or Wednesday with a light swim on Thursday and then a ride on Saturday and Triathlon on Sunday the 14th.

Hope you all are injury/sick free and keep on running.

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Morning Mat ! Oh that must've been sooo painful being stung like that :-( but like the trooper you are , you carried on . Well done !

Another weeks training in the bag , done and dusted .

Good luck for the 14th , you've done all the training and preparation . Nice taper week for you now :-)

Have a good weekend and look out for them pesky wasps ! :-) xxx

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Thanks poppypug I am sure it had a kamikaze bandana on when it came in for the sting!!

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A wasp sting on your lip Mat!! That must have hurt! But then you carried on because you're a pro! I'm mightily impressed. No need for Botox for you then 🤗

I'm sure you'll be brilliant on the 14th.


Good luck with the triathlon, Mat30. Sounds like your training's falling nicely into place. :)


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