Bridge to 10K

Post graduation plan

Got loads of good advice from the posts on what to do after C25K Graduation.

Thanks to all who posted congratulations to me on C25K. Especially those who said I look younger , You old smoothies ! Or as some say to me "Smooth as a bucket of tripe".

A good dose of flattery never hurt anyone ! Who doesn't like having their ego stroked !

I was planning to run to work and back 3K but have thought better of it and put that on hold. Thinking about traffic , and other possible hazards , kerbs etc. or injury.

Did 30 minute run around lake today, Getting bit faster and easier.

I still can manage to fit in half to 3/4 of an hour 3 days per week so will work on gradually increasing distance / speed. I don't have a target for this. My main aim after all was to be healthy weight and avoid a future on any medication. Will put extra time into cycling which I also enjoy .May not post much in future but may seek advice if fall off wagon !!

Thanks all for your advice and support.

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Sit down with a calendar - and figure out which days you CAN run, taking all other aspects of life into account. 3 days @ 45-60 minutes is fine for general fitness. - 6 days @ 30 minutes would probably be better! :) Anyhow, IF you are able to specify 3 days that you should be able to run - then make these days HOLY days!!!! This should stop you from falling off the wagon!!! :)


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