Hi, I new in this forum

Hi, I'm Iben - I've been lurking around this forum for a while but not felt ready to play with the big kids until now.

I'm 44 and started the C25K programme in March, graduated in May and reached 5k in June. Now I feel ready to move on to longer runs and would love to learn how to run 10k. Still feel like a beginner though :-) I currently run two 5k a week and do a one hour walk/run/strength session with my fantastic running club.

I have read about the 10% rule but other than that I have no idea how to move on from the 5k I am currently running. How long will it take me to get there? Are there any structured programmes or apps that you would recommend?

All recommendations and suggestions are welcome. If you are anything like the people on the C25K forum (and I know many of you are on both forums), then I know I am in good hands.

Love from Copenhagen :-)

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  • Tee hee...a lot of us on here already know you...welcome to the big school...you will love it!

  • Thank you Oldfloss - glad to see you here!

  • ☺ Joined a while ago..I post on both forums..the folk on here are amazing..so helpful...way out of my league..but so friendly.

    There is so much good advice and useful information.I have learnt a lot!!!

    You will love it here☺

  • I'm pretty sure most of them are out of my league, but now at least I have to guts to call myself a runner and aim for what I consider to be a distance for experienced runners :-)

  • You, were a runner when you took that first step, many weeks ago :)

    The great thing is, this forum, like C25K is so supportive. No-one makes you feel, anything other than a runner!!

    The tips and encouragement are given freely, at whatever stage you are. When I was struggling to reach 7K.. there was so much support given (secan , I remember seemed to be willing me to get there)... that it carried me over the few metres I needed.

    Now, with the support, I am up to 9 K... the 10K still eludes me, but, I am fine with that, it will come if it is meant to.:)

    So... a fantastic bunch of folk, and the journey goes on....aren't we lucky :)

  • secan... it has been a while since we last heard from him. We miss him, don't we?

  • We do :(

  • I think he is in Italy . I am sure he said he was off to spend some time with his family and for us not to worry .

    Hope youre having a good time secan and managing to chill out and relax . :-) xxx

  • Yes, I think you are right, Poppy, but still miss his posts and commentsπŸ™‚

  • Me too ! :-) xxx

  • Not so long ago I was waddling through C25K myself and that was hard work but as long as you take it easy and trust yourself to know when you can do more and when to rest, you will be fine!

  • Iben, you're an inspiration- running so much faster and now going for longer distances too! :)

  • Oh thank you 90ldfinch :-) I did the record thing again today (well one minute slower, but then there were two red lights I had to wait for...) and realised that I can now do those 5k comfortably - I have reached my goal - and that means setting new goals - so here I am :-)

  • Hellooo there

    I used Bridge to 10k podcasts with Sami Murphy which I downloaded free from this very forum. I run with Sami all the time. She rocks! Great music!!!! All the lyrics are specially chosen to inspire your running. They pick you up when you flag.

    We went out this very day in fact.

    Getting to 10k is right fun. Just increase 10% a week. Go steady, no dramas, and you'll get there. You might need to do more cross training though to get your body strong enough to support your running. You'll be running further and longer y'see so it makes sense to beef up that bod.

    Have fun!

  • Took me a while to find the Bridge to 10k podcasts with Sami Murphy - but I did now. Thanks I will try the first one out on Thursday :-)

    I do a bit of strength training once or twice a week with my running club. Will that suffice you think or do I really have to get myself a fitness center membership? Eeek!

  • Hallo Iben! You'll recognize a lot of faces on here! I tend to post my longer runs here (haven't been many of those recently - sigh), but you get more responses on the c25k forum!

    You're going the right way about getting to 10k. I just increased the distance of my longer weekend run regularly - basically as the fancy took me. I've done 10k three times now, but it is still a major challenge.

    Have fun!

  • I was thinking maybe I could just add some walking breaks... I am pretty sure that if I walked a bit after 4k, I could easily get to 6k... - so add breaks and then afterwards remove them again...

  • I did my first 10k non-stop, but the next 2 I used my much loved run/walk method and improved my time by 13 minutes! I can recommend it.

  • Hey Iben,

    Welcome to this forum πŸ˜€

    The biggest single piece of advice I would give is to slow right down on the longer runs.

    If you run at a slower pace then it's a lot easier to keep going for longer πŸ˜€

  • Back to where it all started with Laura then, slow down! Thanks.

  • Hey we are all runners together, however far or fast we run we are all here to support one another! My suggestion is to increase your long run each week, carry on with what you are doing and sign up for a 10k? You are doing really well 😎

  • Sign up for a 10k?! That just made my heart skip a beat. I haven't done a 5k yet, not even a Parkrun, because I feel that I am too slow...

    Have a 5k Zombie Run coming up in September though, but that is a whole different kind of run.

  • Hi Iben, I am a bit behind you. Graduated in June. I am running 2x5k per week and one longer run. I agree BOpB that slowing down on the longer runs is the only way. So far I have managed 7k and just trying to gradually increase. I think longer runs improve your 5k runs.Good luck😊

  • Hi Kmcm, you're progressing faster than me then, but I must admit that I haven't been pushing myself very much since graduation. I have focused on getting comfortable on the 5k and on losing a couple of stones to become a better runner.

    I'm going to give the 2x5k+one longer run a go. I have been running 2x3k+one 5k for a while after graduation

  • Hiya Iben nice to have you in beside the big kids. I dont wanna scare you but there's another forum too for the real grown ups. You know the ones that do marathons and things. So you're in safe hands here. πŸ˜†

    You run so fabulously well already that hitting 10k will be a sinch. But like the others have said, slow & steady wins the race.

    Looking forward to watching your progress on here. πŸ‘β˜Ί

  • Thank you Noaky - I'm sure it is doable for me, and with you all cheering me on, I will do it! You won't see me on the marathon forum any time soon. Ever, I think.

  • I only lurk in the corner watching what they do cause I'm nosey. A marathon is most definately not on the cards for me either. ☺

  • I was lurking on this 10k forum before graduating from 5k, Noaky12 -don't limit your running ambitions. Triathlon, HM, marathon... You know it's mind over matter (& a bit of training) πŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘Ÿ

  • I promise I'm not limiting myself. I just don't have the desire to do a marathon. Next goal after a couple of races is to get to 10 miles. Then I might contemplate HM but that is honestly about it. I want to give more trail running a go I think β˜ΊπŸ‘

  • Really? πŸƒNot even for a half-marathon? πŸ†πŸ˜±

    Never say never, Iben :)

  • I can't envision myself doing a marathon or even wanting to do one. A half could be fantastic but it is not at this point a realistic goal for me. But you are right- never say never - boundaries are pushed.

  • I don't do gyms, just fitness dvd's at home. Walk, cycle, swim etc ☺

    Week 1 of the Sami podcast is a bit quiet, and stops abruptly, but after that it all works fine ☺

  • Nice to have you here iben😊there's lots of friendly faces to cheer you on! You'll be up to 10k no problems, everyone is right just take it slowly and small increases and you'll be there! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†x

  • Small increases and good old 'slow wins the race' seems to be the way forward

  • Hello, Iben, nice to see you on here too :) I'm a bit of a fraud on here, especially at the moment, but just like on the other forum, everyone is so kind and friendly and helpful, it's great! I tend to post on here if I'm struggling with a longer run (or wanting to tell someone I ran for longer!) whereas I will post on the other forum if it's more general. You will get up to 10k, no problem. Just take it steadily, exactly as you did for 5k, and you will do it. Happy running!

  • Thank you, Annie. I don't hurry my running, I'm in it for the journey itself, so I'll be happy to take it slow. Great to use both forums for different things.

  • I found regularly running 5k three times a week was great for me but I tried a 10k programme which had tempo runs and other things and my legs were not happy, so I did my own method, happy to share! As 5k was a challenge for me, I waited for a day when I still felt good at the end and just ran on to 5.5k which showed me I was not stuck at 5! Then I did 3 runs per week: 2 X 5k and a "long run"! I went on to a 6, then a 7, 8 and then found a flat track round a lake and just plodded round and round it to 10k!

    I have had some minor leg issues - knees but a week off followed by running on grass cured it. I have also had a tight calf muscle which has knocked my confidence but I know it was not an injury, so I just carried on with the same distances and did some running, some walking. See how your legs feel on the run and then how they recover and maybe don't try to make every run a fast one or a long one because legs need looking after!!

  • Thanks for sharing your approach. I think I am going to try the Bridge to 10k podcasts with Sami Murphy suggested my misswobble, but your approach is very sensible and if Sami is not my taste, then I'll just make up my own way modeled after your (and others') suggestion to to two 5k a week and one long run.

  • Hi, Iben, I'm here too, mostly just lurking as I'm doing c25k again, this time with my daughter. Just increasing your distance by 10% each week seems to work really well, allowing reasonably quick progress without opening you up to too many injuries. Good luck :)

  • Thank you. It is such a lovely thing to do with your children. I wish mine were into running as well.

    I think I will be able to get to 10k. It sounds very straight forward, really, and I have running club where they do sub-5k (my current group), 7k and 10k every week. Room for progress and lots of lovely people.

  • Hello again Iben!! Not sure if I ever introduced myself on this forum...hello everyone else as well!

    Looks like we are at a similar stage of running - I run 5k twice a week, and a shorter run of 20-25 minutes where I try to pick up some speed for a bit of variation. I haven't really improved my speed that much recently, there's always been a reason why, like it's too hot, I'm too achey, etc. But yesterday I got up to 9.2kph and smashed my 5k PB!

    My aim is to run 10k by the end of the year though, so I think over the next month I will be venturing further distances. I think I will add 0.5k on each time, maybe every fortnight or so at least at first.

    Those podcasts sound good - unfortunately I absolutely hate listening to music that I don't like, and I have a good running playlist already.

    Keep me posted on how it goes! :)

  • Hi Lina. Good to see you here too. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress. Hope you will do the same.

  • Hello Iben !

    Sorry I've just realised I hadn't replied to this post ! Lots of us on here from the C25k forum , also very friendly and supportive too :-)

    Yes , slow and steady on the longer runs . All stamina building and getting your body used to running for longer distances .

    You are doing brilliantly with your running club , and this will hold you in good stead for reaching that 10k .

    Good Luck and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Hi there Poppy. Of course you are here too. Wonderful. I'm so glad that the people here are as friendly as on the C25K forum. Don't know what I had thought it would be like here... πŸ˜„

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