Not built for speed but distance

Not built for speed but distance

I have put the idea of a sub 30mins 5k to bed for the time being and have been working on my stamina. So today I managed a sub 60 mins 8k. Not bad sincenough I only graduated at the beginning of June. I am now running for 60 mins 3 times a week minimum with swimming or interval training in between. Not sure how long I can keep it up though. As I have time at the min due to the long summer holidays.

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  • It's interesting because what you'll find is the more you run longer runs the faster you'll become on the shorter ones!

    I would say, however, that you maybe want to mix up your running a bit rather than doing three long runs every week. That's quite a lot of mileage for someone who's graduated in June. You could do one shorter (3K?) faster run or intervals, one steady 5K and then one slower, longer run where you build up your distance. By doing this, your stamina will improve quite quickly. Have you got a race planned or any other goal in mind?

  • Be sure to do some strengthening work to support your running. You are a new runner so be careful not to over run. Cycling, walking, swimming, gym or home based mixed core stuff all helps make you stronger and fitter. Squats, lunges, burpees, star jumps, weighted squats, plyo, pilates, yoga etc all help. You can buy fitness dvd's which contain the various strengthening moves, or there's Millionaire Hoy on YouTube ☺

  • I am swimming and doing weightsome too x

  • This is the programme Asics run has come up with for me. There are other runs further into the programme.

  • That is very impressive. Your stamina will have improved so much by the end of the summer holidays that that will probably make you determined to keep it up 😊

  • I am running an asics plan at the mo. An easy one. The fast pace stuff can be very hard on the legs I have found - even on the easy plan. I don't necessarily try and stick to the stated pace as I kept getting hurt

    Take care!

  • The pace is fairly easy. I am finding the distances harder as they take a long time.

    I did try and put in a different plan and I think there was a glitch because it was recommending a pace of 3.30min for a km which was never achievable!

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