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Bridge to 10K
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Hi All

Still wanting to build my running distance to 10k. I try to do an interval run and one slightly longer run each week. This week I incorporated a big hill that I thought I wouldn't be able to do as I usually run on flat railway tracks.halfway up I thought 'is this a good idea' but carried on slowly and made it to the top. I was really chuffed with myself.

What technique do others use for hills and are they important in building stamina?

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Hills are great for building strength and will increase your speed on the flat too! I found this article really helped me;


Hope it helps!πŸ™‚


Great article Sandra 😊

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I really struggle with them but have been told that yes they are important for stamina. My runner friends tell me to keep my head up by pretending I am carrying an orange or ball under my chin and to use my arms to power me up. I set a point just beyond the hill where I pretend to myself I will stop but by the time i reach it now I have recovered and can keep going. The more you do them the more manageable they become and they improve your time on the flat. I am a novice at hills but these tips have helped me. Managed 7k this morning including hills - never, ever thought I would be capable of that.


Hills are really important if you want to build stamina and endurance susiewoo75 the trick is to add them in slowly and not go mad on them. Take it nice and easy as you will still be working harder going up and down it than if you are on the flat. Once a week is enough, go by how you feel and don't get tempted to increase pace or anything too soon even if you feel good. Great job!


I run a lot of hills and it's taken me a while to learn...

1. Use the 10% rule for hills too, I ignored this last year and got any injury

2. I run on the ball of my foot to push up steep bits

3. I count and alternate running technique

4. Try to relax and focus on quality breathing

5. Look forward not down

6. Visualise yourself at the top and how good it will feel

Hills are great, embrace them and enjoy!!


Great advice as ever guys. I'll continue to work on them. Thanks for your help. πŸ™‹


I am a bit late to this post but I'm tackling hills as well (and managed a long slow slog up one yesterday!) I have also found that on the particularly steep bits I run up until my legs feel like jelly then turn and run several steps back down catching my breath and then turn and go back up. I do progress slowly up but I also think it helps my state of mind giving my self those moments to recover without stopping or walking. However conquering that hill back home yesterday has given me the confidence to attempt a quite a few more over the next weeks!


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