Hills hurt!

I've been having a go at more hilly routes recently and boy can't I tell! Previously running on mainly flat routes I thought I was doing so well as my calves rarely hurt after even a long (ish) run but now it's a different story. I ran 8K this morning up and downhill and since then my calves have been really tight, well pretty much as soon as I stopped the run. I did plenty of stretching afterwards but not a very long cool down walk as I finished pretty much outside my house due to poor route planning. I guess that will ease over time as I get used to it.

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  • Yep - I gotta start getting back to those hills soon. I've done a few 5ks on the flat since getting back - but that only stays interesting for so long :)

  • Trail runs mmm oh and ice packs to relieve the pain

  • Feeling a bit better today and am planning a flat run for tomorrow! How long until your 10 miler?

  • Sunday 26th 1 week tomorrow... Walked alton water 10k route today and have an hour and half run tomorrow yuk. Then it's easy 30 min runs until Sunday. Quite excited, I just hope there's somebody slower than me lol

  • Best of luck with it. We'll all be rooting for you :)

  • Have you signed up for the Great East Run Paul46-ipswich ?

  • Sure have!

  • Nice! I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of thing yet...

  • After you're fast 10k I'd say you're more than ready

  • It's more the distance I am worried about! At the moment I feel done by the end of 10k

  • I know what you mean but after 10k what's another few, and the only way to enjoy a 10k is to train up to 15k or so that way 10k is an easy day lol

  • Isn't it as far again at least. I guess it's something to aim for!!!

  • Not quite it's 16km so far I've trained up to 13, hopefully the fun of the day will carry me through

  • That's not too bad then I suppose.....argh!!

  • Hills are tough, especially at first (hang on, no actually I think they might always be tough๐Ÿ˜ฎ)but they really do help build up strength and cardio fitness. I have a good article on running them which might be helpful, will post a link...

    Sorry, my link doesn't work anymore but try searching on Runnersworld!

  • Thank you, I will look :)

  • People keep telling me that hills are good for me. I do know they are really, and I live in Derbyshire so can't really avoid them - except I did for the first three and a half years of C25K :D It's only recently that I've started to add them into my routine. Keep at it - you'll get to the point where you don't even notice them soon, I'm sure!

  • I hope so!!

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