London Vitality 10K

London Vitality 10K

It did not disappoint! Running through the centre of London was so amazing and the crowds supporting and music along the way were inspiring. For once I didn't struggle with the last 2K. In fact they were my fastest. No PB but only 10 seconds slower than my best. Plus for the first time I wasn't crippled with pre-race nerves.I am still not convinced I will have the nerve to run the Berlin marathon in September but I am feelng much more hopeful!

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  • What a fantastic picture! You look so happy & comfortable ☺

    Well done on the run it sounds like a great event. x

  • Well done - looks like you are aceing it!

  • That's a great photo - you look really chilled! And I can just imagine the atmosphere. Fab stuff.

  • Well done TT. You look so strong and relaxed there. All good for September.

  • Here's someone else who did it, one of the fabulous Ekhart yoga teachers, who has MS

    Would be interested to know what useitorloseit thinks.

  • I love that article. Thanks GM. It is so confidence boosting to fly in the face of people's expectations of you.

  • Hi, I'm Veronique, the EkhartYoga teacher. I am delighted you like my article. Thanks a lot to GoogleMe for sharing it.

    You look as happy as i felt when crossing the line. I cheer for you for the Berlin marathon. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Thank you so much Veronique. Your confidence inspires me :-)

  • Excellent news, well done you! Your training over longer distances must be paying off if you can have the last 2k as your fastest. Glad to see there was good support there for you, and it certainly doesn't look like you came trailing in an hour after anyone else while they were clearing the course :)

  • Thanks. No my nightmare didn't materialise. In fact there were 1500 people slower than me! That's the advantage of running in. a huge field- you can twist the statistics to comfort yourself! 😊

  • Looking fantastic TT, really good. So glad you enjoyed yourself -it must be a real confidence booster before Berlin. Xx

  • That is a lovely photo! Well done. Glad you enjoyed it πŸ‘Ÿ

  • Ah you look great Pam !

    Well done ! xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. Sorry I can't make the Leeds 10K again this year but I'm sure we'll meet up somewhere else.

  • Im humming and aaahing about that one this year. Im sure they don't give out bling on that one, think its a T shirt instead :-) xxx

  • Brilliant ! You're looking great there TT! You are on target for Berlin. No worries!

    Hope you're recovered now! It took me over a week to recover from my last race.

  • Thanks MW. I had very few aches and pains after this run which is a relief as I have a 17 K training run to do on Sunday! After the Nath half marathon I could hardly move three days later . I've entered the Dublin half marathon in a months time so we'll see then if my fitness has really improved.

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