Sluggish runner

Sluggish runner

Still plodding on and managed 11 km today even though I did stop for a short walk break every km because I feel so fatigued. Not impressed that I need to keep stopping but at least I am moving. Came across some slugs crossing the gravel track, I overtook them which boosted my confidence somewhat! Always happy to stop to take a photo (any excuse)!

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  • Yuck to the photo hate slugs they were everywhere in my garden this morning,well done to the 11km though.

  • There was a small crowd of them, trying to get across the path, glad I didn't squash any. My garden is full of slugs and snails, they are munching my seedlings and chomping my strawberries, given up now

  • Great photo! (and yes, I hate slugs too!). I am hoping that it is the weather that's making us feel 'sluggish' Julie! Either way, that's a great distance, so well done🙂!

  • Well done Joolie that's a great distance. I'm blaming the weather.... for everything..... Do you maybe have a wee bug hanging around you do you think?? That would make anyone feel sluggish.

    Take care x

  • Not sure but will plod on anyway!!

  • They say that if all you have is lemons - then make lemonade!!! :) So, if you are finding that you have to keep stopping all the time ( when you don't really want to) - then simply embrace the stops, plan them and do them according to the plan -- in time you will either start to love them or will gain enough fitness to eliminate them.. Whatever it is, you win!! So - make do with what you have :)

  • Hey, you're still doing it! P.S., I am still at the 5k phase, so I am suitably impressed by anyone who can do 10k plus. Well done!

  • At least you're moving - yep, that's better than nothing. I'm learning that running is about doing what you can do, and not feeling bad because you're going slower than other runners - or the week before - or if you can't run as far as you'd like without having to stop. Because there are also the days when you can run further or faster than normal - you just can't predict when those days are going to be. Keep on plodding on!

  • And you lapped everyone sitting on the couch!

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