Glad to get out - weather permitting

It's been too hot to run for the last few days. I tried on Thursday in 25C heat but gave up relatively quickly. Friday and yesterday we hit 30C relatively early in the day and even walking reduced me to a puddle of sweat. But today a cold front swept in, a lovely cool 18C, overcast, threat of rain - who would have thought I would look forward to such weather! So this afternoon I told my OH where I was heading but also said I didn't know how long I'd be. I just wanted to run, anything between 4 and 10k.

It turned into a 10k and 4 mins faster than my previous PB (you can tell I'm a newbie with big jumps like that!). I was pleased with 1h 13m 9s. I also avoided the gremlins which lurk in the trees at the end of my route. They waited for me in vain with their insults, armed with cherries they wanted to pelt me with, I sneaked round and came in via a residential area. OK there were real people to see me there red-faced and chugging like a steam train - but I don't care any more.

I needed that run. Need to check the weather forecast for next week! (Oh, and I like my tags!).

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  • So glad you got out and what a run! Brilliant... !

    It is pouring here now, and humid, but not as warm as where you are!

    Those sneaky gremlins.. when will they ever learn, that you will NOT give in!

    Love the steam train chugging description ...I may need to try that, to see if it gives me some whoomph :) x

  • Sounds like a great run! Ooo cherry chucking gremlins... those little buggers. Well done avoiding them ☺

  • I just love your description of those gremlins throwing cherries at you. Haha! Just catch them and eat them (the cherries, not the gremlins. Although on second thoughts......)

  • Ha! Glad you managed it. The weather here has been torrential rain and thunder every time I mention the word "run". Have been forced to do longer runs on a treadmill twice now!!

  • I haven't got a treadmill and am not member of a gymn (too expensive over here in Germany), so I'm a bit stuck if the weather isn't playing ball. Rain is OK (not so sure about torrential rain though), but heat is a killer!

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