Bad run day but hey so what? A walk is also good for you.

Bad run day but hey so what? A walk is also good for you.

Headed out very tired at 6:30 this morning. Lower back was achy, legs heavy and non-cooperative. Had to stop after only 15 min and walked, quite slowly with jelly legs. Tried to kick start my running a few times but only managed to run a short distance before walking again. So thought, never mind, the sun is out, the sky is blue and a morning walk in nature is good for you too.

Never had this before but I am dog tired. Had a very busy week last week and only managed 2 runs. Felt sick on Friday, choked on a piece of meat which got lodged in my throat and drank a litre bottle of diet coke on doctor's advice which weirdly dislodged it. What muck is in that drink?! Anyhow it is full of caffeine which I don't usually drink so it kept me awake all night. Saturday I had a concert which my long suffering throat managed thanks to honey and gargles. Too keyed up to sleep that night either. Concert again on Sunday and felt completely knackered all day. I think today I was just too tired and it hopefully wasn't the beginning of a whole new running phase. A walk can also be a good start to your day.

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  • You got outside and you got yourself moving, that's the most important thing. After a tough weekend like that, I'm not surprised you're pooped! I can't stand coke either, the stuff is vile. Spent all my childhood being jealous of other kids who had it in the fridge, then turned into a mother who refuses to buy it for her own children :)

  • Actually I didn't mind the taste but if people use it to remove rust from their cars, should we be really drinking it? Did the trick though. Maybe it disintegrates the blocked food?

  • I have a feeling that it disintegrates pretty much anything... apparently it's great to clean car engines and toilets. A kind of vegetal Destop with bubbles.

  • Ok I'm blaming my miserable effort at a run today on the coke.

  • If you get a cold you could try sniffing it, but watch out for the ice cubes.

  • Bop, yes, walkings good.Was that an enormous belch from drinking the coke that dislodged the obstruction then? my wife slinkylinky likes diet coke but with Bacardi!๐Ÿ˜

    Are you using a foam roller to help with the aches? I've been getting tight calves lately, which I think is affecting my running performance, so have now ordered a roller, as they come highly recommended, Irish Princess put me onto it who swears by them..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Not sure how it worked. Some people write that it sort of foams up on the way down. A bit like something you'd use on a blocked pipe. I didn't notice that myself. I have also read that it causes the esophagus to expand and thatfollowed by a big gulp or 20 might do the trick.

    I have thought about a foam roller. Someone mentioned them again on Saturday but I am not sure if I'd really use it. It might just be another thing lying around cluttering up the house. I'll make an effort to get back into some yoga for my back and try to get to bed a bit earlier.

  • You can use a tennis ball as a (space & money)-saving alternative to a foam roller- obviously it's easier to use on, say, your legs, than your shoulders- you have to squirm around on the floor a bit- but it does work.

    I picked that tip up from a book called Complete Callisthenics by Ashley Kyam.

    It fixed my tight calves in wk7 of C25k, and it's great for my right shoulder, which always seems to be niggly.

  • Actually I do have a callisthenics book kicking around somewhere. I could do with having a look for my left shoulder. Thanks for that finchy

  • Big Hug x Maybe sickening for something? Or, maybe, listening to your week, just plain tired... :)

    You went out and you won't have done any harm and will probably have done you some good.

    Feel better soon:)

  • Thanks flossy! Sickening for a nice holiday I think. It is a busy time right now but it is nice to have a lot of interesting things to do. Just need a bit more sleep. Hopefully my next run is a nice, strong one!

  • It will be.. get a big sleep and a new day! :)

  • I'll never understand why this happens ... some days you can chase dragons (well, starlings maybe ;-) ) and other days, you can't get yourself going for love nor money ... as you said, a walk is better than a lie down so well down for persevering and sure it will be a different story next outing :-)

  • Thanks wez, I really hope the next one is better :) I suppose everything plays a role - what you ate, if you're dehydrated, how you slept, stress etc. Some runs are going to be great, some will be ok and others will be crap and I suppose we just have to accept it and bound out there anew full of optimism that today's run will be one of the good ones.

  • Sorry this one didn't go to plan Bop. It may be just the tiredness or perhaps you are fighting something off? We often never know why some runs are tough, but just as sure as night follows day, there are always better ones ahead! Hope your next one's better๐Ÿ™‚. x

  • I think I was just too tired Sandra. Thankfully back on track now but boy is the heat a killer, even in the early morning. Roll on autumn! I love summer but not for running at 35+ degrees. I can just about flop into a hammock at thesetemperatures. But how do you run in them?!

  • Blimey Bop, the choking thing sounds horrendous ! Poor you, glad the Coke did the trick though. Yes you can use it to clean your driveway and all sorts , its powerful stuff !

    As long as youre okay now that's the main thing. Couple of days rest and you will be good to go. I feel like this sometimes, when I do I just take a week off from running and try to catch up on my sleep and get some good food down me . Seems to work .

    Hope youre feeling more refreshed soon xxx

  • Yep, rest, food, more rest. I think sometimes your body really really does not want a run and you know the difference between that feeling and a regular gremlin attack. At least I think I do now. Seem to be back running normally now. So if you get a day or a week like this, maybe the thing is just to go for a gentle stroll and be relaxed about it, it'll pass.

  • Walking is also good. Well done for getting out. It sounds as if you're just tired and a couple of days rest should do the trick. Hope the next run is brilliant!

  • Thanks. I was definitely too tired. Come to think of it my lower back was sort of achey which I think is often a sign that you're tired and it was a really busy week but they say, the more you do, the more you can do! Vorwaerts!

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