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Terrible treadmill trial

As it is a run day, the rain is pouring down and I have an 11 am appointment, thought I would use the treadmill today - haven't used it for 6 months as I found it more fun outside. It should be pretty easy I thought and I might even run longer and do 6k! Was I kidding myself? I did a 5 minute warm up walk and some stretch and flex exercises too. Started running at 6km per hour. It was so much more difficult than I thought and within .5 km I had had enough and stopped the belt. I think I felt a bit bored plus hemmed in and even my legs were finding it harder than outside. Respect to all you treadmill runners by the way. I will head outside even if it is raining later on. Meh Beas it so hard when I thought it would be easier? Puzzling!

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Running on a treadmill uses different muscles so I'm not surprised you found it hard after outside running. I guess we have to get used to all different running surfaces. Enjoy your run outside later!

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