Running in the rain

I have just ran 7k in the pouring rain and LOVED it! I feel so alive now. Really pleased because I was deliberating whether to go or not because I was tired, it was raining and we have a plumbing issue making a post run shower a bit more complicated than usual. Also tried a couple of fartleks as trying to improve my pace for a 10k in September. This week I've ran just over 21k which is my highest total since graduating. Having a good day now thanks to running!

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  • Well done Getupandgo! I love running in the rain, and always feel quite virtuous having splashed my way through a downpour! Wish it had rained on me during my 10k this morning - I found it so hot!! Sounds like your running is going really wellπŸ™‚.

  • Well done! I think it's the rain that makes us feel so alive! I ran in the rain aswell and feel so much better for it. 21k is a lot of mileage, I managed 22k this week, but it's also the first time I got over 20k and I don't think I'll get much higher for a while.

  • I love rain running too, I've been known to plan my running week around the forecast, and even slip in an extra run on consecutive days just so I don't miss it!

  • It is fab isn't it! Be sure you take your jacket though as you start to get cold as soon as you stop running. I normally put my lightest weight top under my run jacket so I don't boil

    Well done Getupandgo!

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