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Blenheim half marathon

I did the deed and have entered the Blenheim half in early October . It will be my first actual half race but I know it can be done. A bit more training to get a better time than I've run so far and I'll be all set to go. Luckily I'm on holiday before and after the run so I can rest a bit. Now to raise a bit of money. Best wishes all. Happy running. Andy

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Ooh I bet that will be a gorgeous route Andy. Good luck with the training!

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Thanks , I'm sure it will be fine. Plenty of time to improve. I'm very lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world. 😃


Good luck preparing for your first HM :)


Brilliant Andy ! You will nail it no problem after your recent accomplishments !

Have you put it on the Marathon and Race support Forum ? There is a pinned post there called " Lets celebrate your event " :-) xxx


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