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Some progress

Hi all, I did my second park run at the weekend and knocked 50 seconds off my time bringing it to 32.18. I was a bit disappointed as its been a while since my last one which was the first time I had actually run 5k. Since then I've been consistently running three times a week doing two 5k's and one longer run. Anyway in response I've just registered for a 10k in September so will mix up my training a bit to try to increase my speed. I've been focusing on going further not faster but figure that if I focus a while on speed I may also be able to go further more comfortably. Tonight I tried a new route and one that I'm not familiar with from walking the dog, it was a loop from the house mostly on quiet country tracks.. It was quite hilly, both ups and downs and I didn't know how far it was when I started out, it turned out to be 9k and I completed it in just over 57 minutes so this has given me a goal. If I mention it here I am more likely to commit to it - perhaps I could do that 10k in September in under 1 hour...

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Sounds a good run and time, especially with the hills! Well done.

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