Hmm -- sore ankles!!!

Over the past 4 weeks, I have run (and run/walked) 32klms, then 34 klms, then 29 klms and finally this week only 21 klm. I have started to have problems with my feet - mainly around the ankles. I had intended to do a 24klm run/walk on Tuesday - but I think I will wait until Wednesday to see if I think I can do it. Barely managed 7 klm this morning - but must admit wasn't really in the mood - bit tired as well

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  • I know what you mean with running every day I have to be careful I don't increase weekly mileage too much. Last week I did 40 miles and my Achilles is not hugely happy this week so it's going to be more like 27 miles. I'd say do short and slow runs which helps, and loads of stretching!!!

  • Sometimes there are just weeks like that, I think. One week you're flying, the next week you're tired. It does seem odd that you're starting to get ankle pains at this stage in your career. Have your shoes worn out? 24 km is a long way!

  • No probs with the shoes - although it is obvious that my weekly totals are a lot higher than previously (although I did get to around 32K last year for my first HM) . I have never been really happy with any of my shoes for various reasons - I think I might make one more splurge and buy a pair of these "maximilist" cushioned HOKA's. An increasing number of every good runners in my running club who I have nothing but respect for are using them!!

  • There was a guy running in barefeet at Parkrun on Saturday.

  • davelinks , had someone nicked his runners ? :-)

    Sorry to hear about your ankles Bazza, hope they feel better soon xxx

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