struggling to get past 5K

Completed c25k mid March and been ytring to push past it since then, mow I don't know if it's psychological or physical but at around 4.5 k - 5.5 k my thighs become useless and become painful and i never seem to get passed 6.5 kbefore i have to stop any ideas other than buy new legs? I have tried targeted playlists running with my partner who just keeps going like a train and varying speed throughout thr runs all lead to the same result wooden thigh syndrome. (now to be called WTS :) )

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  • I have pretty much the same problem, except for me it's my calves not my thighs that refuse to play ball. I don't have an answer, unfortunately - if anyone does I'd love to hear it - but at the moment I'm trying to focus on getting used to running 5km and then maybe pushing myself a little bit further if I can. I always think it's so unfair that other people seem not to have this problem - I was talking to a colleague the other day who was telling me she hardly ever goes running but still managed to run a 10k last weekend. How???

  • I was doing so well but same problem, aster running for maybe 10 minutes, calves get tight and sore and the only relief is to stop for a moment or walk. Then I go again, stop repeat. Pretty annoying considering I was doing better than this when I graduated some months ago. No idea what is causing it or how to solve the problem either, so just doing the best I can and hoping it will pass

  • Me neither! Sometimes the problem is worse, and sometimes it's better. I just got back from a 40min run and my calf only troubled me in the last 10 minutes or so, whereas other times - like you - I can only get about 10 minutes before having to stop and walk. I'm experimenting with doing calf stretches, and I'm also going to get a foam roller to see if that helps.

  • Foam roller will help... Do just before a run and also stretch

  • I graduated some time ago now and once I managed 5k, I was stuck for a while and found the distance was still challenging. I guess my speed improved naturally by itself too, so I was running my 5k faster so it never felt easy! Also, the first 10 minutes of my run seems to be the most challenging and that is when my brain suggests stopping would be great or even "go home, why are you doing this?" I just ran a bit further one day to 5.5k. Then the next week to 6, 7, 8 and then 10! Kept doing 3 runs a week - 2 X 5k and a "long run"! Have managed to again feel stuck, struggling to do 5k due to an annoying leg pain in the shin but still moving. Furthest I ever managed was one 15k but no way right now I would do that which is frustrating. Still, 5k is a very decent distance, maybe we should be pleased with ourselves!

  • As long as the pain isn't stabbing or so painful that you have to stop, have you tried really slowing down, to just about a run and see if that will enable you to get through this sticky patch. A lot of it will be mental, because you have experienced this issue previously you will be expecting it. Don't worry about time just get your mind and body past this and then build from there. Once you have run 7k you can do it over and over again.

  • Maybe a combination of both, I had a similar experience on a run and have yet to run beyond that point.

    Generally longer runs tend to be at a slower pace than other runs, providing you are running at an easy pace then it is only the mental side that is holding you back.

    Physically you capable, so my advise is run slow and stay strong and believe and you will get there 😊

  • Have you tried slowing up your pace??

  • HI that would be walking lol seriuosly I have tried changing pace from slow to fast and back again all to no avail.

  • I too would suggest a slow pace. And maybe an out and back route which has no other options - my usual strategy for making a set distance.

  • Strengthen your thighs. Do squats say 5 x 20 seconds per day and roll them out before and after each run.

  • How often do you run? Are you doing shorter runs too? If your running is regular and you are mixing up the pace, then adding an extra half k to your weekly longer run is normally an easy step.

    There is plenty of advantage in just consolidating your 5k runs, but it should be becoming easier by now. The there and back idea of GM is a good idea to overcome that psychological barrier.

    Are your shoes suitable for you and the surface you run on?

  • I tend to to run 3 or 4 times a week 2 aound 4k then the long run I tend to do a there and back run on the long run I was wondering if that wa the psychological bit an A _ B seems easier for me than an A-B-A run.

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