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change of shoes problem

I've recently changed shoes from a nb 880 v4 to a nb 1080 v6. When I have started using the new shoe I have noticed that my calfs are getting tight now when running. I've looked at the drop for the shoe and have noticed that the drop has changed from 12mm to 8mm. Is this what may be causing the tightness and how is the best way of resolving it?

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I don't know really marc but From what I think I understand is that the lower drop, being more minimal, suits a forefoot running style. Is it a 'racing shoe'?

So I think You'd likely feel the effect of the extra push- off effort in your calves with a change to a lower drop shoe, if you land on your heels.

My pains get a helping hand with massage and Tiger Balm...

I'm sure others may have more informed suggestions than mine though!


Can you take the shoes back for a more appropriate pair?


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