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My first MAJOR GPS error!

Went for a run over the weekend - started my Garmin 220 watch ( which I have been very happy with) - but at the end of the run when I looked at my "average pace" - thought , "something majorly wrong here"

But I had to leave it until I got home and logged into the Garmin page. Everything looked OK there - nice straight GPS track - but Google maps showed me that the distance I ran was 1 klm longer than what Garmin was showing in the time of the run. When I scrolled across the timeline, the Garmin track trace got to around 0.5K from the start and then 2 seconds later it jumped ahead several street crossings and started counting from 0.5K onwards!! So it recorded the correct track on the map - but measured it at 1 klm shorter than it really is!!

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Did it lose the signal for a bit maybe? I had similar errors with RK and MMR, but Garmin has been pretty good so far, apart from the time I got up to 200 MPH for a few seconds!


I can see what happened - but can'r really understand how it happened. I have been finding that my Garmin seems sufficiently accurate to be the basis for my training. It obviously isn't exact - but close enough is good enough. However this run was sufficiently inaccurate for me to know that something wrong had happened. Just as well it didn't happen in my up and coming HM!! :)

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200mph - wow!!!

MMR had me doing a 3min km the other day - double that would be better than average.

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