5k in under 30 minutes! 🏆 So happy

At last! I've been striving for months since finishing C25k in December and FINALLY cracked the sub-30 5k! 29 mins 41 seconds to be precise! I'm so happy. I'm 55 in a couple of months time and this is a real achievement for me.

When I graduated my time was about 35 minutes and I've been chipping away gradually, some good runs, some not so good, fair weather or foul, at least 3 times a week, falling in mud, getting soaked, having a tussle with nettles and taking a spectacular dive and limping home with bloody knees and ripped leggings. And it's WORTH IT!

I've done a few 10ks as well, the last time I did it in 1hr 6 minutes - now to chip away at that! Am treating self to fancy new running shoes and those lulu lemon shorts I've had my eye on for ages....

Lots of love xxxx


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  • Well done you! That first sub 30 5k feels very special doesn't it and it sounds well deserved! There is just no substitute for getting out and steadily grafting in my opinion☺. Keep chipping away at the 10k too - onwards and upwards☺!

  • Thank you Sandraj xxx

  • That is brilliant! I've been chipping away at getting my 5km time under 40 minutes! Well done that is an amazing achievement! And well deserved new running shoes and lulu yellow short!

    Happy running 👟

  • I vividly remember my first sub 40min 5k - it was also my first parkrun. You can totally do it! I recommend finding a parkrun to do it at, the crowd helps to carry you along. I'm now close to getting a sub 30min, nearly a year later, managed 30:05 recently. So you can totally get there if you persevere, as shinyhappy says keep chipping away :)

  • Aw thank you x. You will do it! Xx

  • You can do it! (As my friend Laura is fond of saying) 👍

  • Whoop whoop! That's brilliant. Well done you. And you have to post a picture of the shoes and shorts so we can all drool.

  • I will ... Look out wallet you're about to take a bashing 🤗

  • Excellent news, congratulations! You've achieved the holy grail of c25k runners everywhere -something to be very proud of.:)

  • It feels like the holy grail ... Blood (literally) sweat (buckets) and tears (happy ones) 😘

  • Well done indeed!

  • Thank you oldfloss 😋

  • Well done! That's a great achievement.

  • Thanks! Will keep going on my little pink cloud 🌟

  • Congratulations ☺☺☺☺

  • Thank you! Fun times xx

  • Well done sub 30 is just the best 😊

  • Thanks ! Feels great after 5 months of effort xx. Now for next goal ...

  • Hard work always reaps it's rewards :)

  • That is brilliant. Very well done!!!

  • Thank you for kind words 😘

  • Actually- I have just done it myself this morning!!!! Taken 4 years and somehow 3mins off my last pb. Probably to do with the adrenaline rush of being woken by friends waiting for me at Gatwick airport. I thought we were going away tomorrow!! Luckily I can change the ticket. Every cloud as they say, probably never be done again.

  • Absolutely brilliant! Well done! I've been chipping away from 35 mins too. Only down to just over 31 but I hope I'll get there eventually!

  • Am sure you will. I got to 31 mins or thereabouts and was certain that was impossible for me to do any better - then got to 30.29 somehow ... you can do it! Xxx

  • Hoping to reach sub 30min some point soon too! I'm using parkrun as my training ground for it. Sounds like you're maybe built for speed if you're confident about getting 10k under 1hr too! Maybe you'll become one of these amazing sub 25 or even sub 20min parkrunners soon...

  • Ha haaa! 😂 Never thought I'd hear anyone say 'built for speed'! Very happy with 29 mins, hope I can keep it up! Thank you for kind words xxx. Haven't tried parkrun yet as not had the confidence but think I will give it a go xxx

  • Congratulations on your achievement. Its something I'm working on for next year and to brake the hour mark for the 10km, (currently 63:25).

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