New temperature scale

Anything up to 0C: freezing

1-5C: cold

6-9C: perfect

10C and above: roasting

I ran this morning much later than usual (9:45 compared to 6ish) and the sun was out. Although it was only 12C I really felt it! My lungs were screaming at me after a while and I needed 3 little walking breaks in a 5k run. Wearing a cap certainly helped in keeping the sun and sweat out of my eyes but the long sleeved top was really a bad idea. Should perhaps have given my vest its first run out...

I'm actually hoping for a bit of rain in the Two Castles Run in a few weeks now!

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  • Agree! My husband said I was "nesh" before I started running but now low teens counts as shorts weather πŸ˜…

  • I like your temperature scale :) I would agree with all of it except I would set the roasting level a few degrees higher. Fortunately I find that running 3 times a week I become aclimatised to the prevailing temperatures, as long as they don't change too quickly.

    I've been running since Sept 2014, and I have noticed that I now take a much closer interest in the prevailing weather conditions. I have become so used to looking at the outside temperature reading from my central heating before a run that, I have bought myself a weather station to give me the same information when I turn the heating off :)

    As soon as temperatures rose consistantly above 7Β°C I retired the winter running clothes (multiple layers, running tights etc) for pair of shorts and T-shirt :)

    It's nice to have less stuff to wear. It makes preparing for a run much quicker. Unfortunately summer also brings with it two extra requirements. I have very light skin so factor 50 sunscreen is essential. Also, there are lots of insects emerging along the Loire, so a good insect repelent spray is also a must. I discovered this too late last week, and was attacked by a multitude of mosquitos. Their bites didnt hurt at the time, but by the evening my lesgs and arms were covered in itchy bumps the diameter of a goosberry :( So next evening I bought a spray, which I have since found to be 100% effective :)

    Happy Running :)

  • Totally agree!

    I wear a cap too - although, the other week in a sorcher of an evening, I think it made it tough for my body to cool down. I've ordered a visor (think tennis style-y) to see if that's better on the really hot days.

  • He he.

    16 deg C is about my "roasting" threshold but I seem to struggle in direct sunlight even if it much cooler. I think I must have some Gremlin blood in me.

  • Yep - look at the weather completely differently these days.

  • Yep me too ! I had my vest and shorts on the other day on a run, and a girl was walking towards me with a padded coat and Ugg Boots ! I used to be a right wimp where the weather was concerned ,Ive gone completely the other way now :-) xxx

  • Hmm - 10C and above -- roasting :)

    Roasting temp around where I live is around 28C :) Nice and cool is around 20C . Perfect running is around 16C . Running with gloves and woolen beanie is 10C - below that, is "forget it" , wait until winter is over!! :)

  • Short sleeves over 10C. Not got round to shorts yet, but will do soon.

  • I'm quite happy in shorts at 0C. I will wear gloves and a hat at that temperature though.

  • I boiled tonight in long pants and long sleeved tee πŸ˜• I thought it had cooled down and dark clouds loomed 😊

  • I live in England and France half and half, and I've found temperature is not the same where ever you go....20C in UK is quite pleasant and warm, it's chilly in France and people will be dressed up in fleeces and scarves...last year we had a heatwave in France and I was often running in the high 20s C - like Dunder I can't bear full sunlight, although the heat bothered me less then I would have thought.

    Generally though - 6C means long sleeves and tights, 12C is short sleeves and knee lengths, over 18C run in the nuddy......just kidding!

  • Gosh CG, I'd at least need a sports bra ;)

  • I run very early morning and have only moved to wearing short sleeved tops in the last month. I wasn't impressed with having to dig out my gloves to run in sleet at the end of April!!!

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