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Running ommph returned :) :)

So pleased to report I found out what the problem was.  After tracking my food on myfitnesspal for a week turns out 1) Not eating enough calories to maintain weight  2) Diet was really low on potassium.  One of the issues with  low potassium is muscle fatigue.   So having upped my banana /almonds/yogurt/milk intake ( hopefully sorting both issues out ) I've just been on a lovely 5m run and really enjoyed it.  I've been lucky in that I have never been overweight so never paid any attention to calories before , simply eating regular meals, snacking when hungry - and aiming for 'healthy' food.  The food logging part has really opened up my eyes in a nutritional way and simply eating plenty of fruit and veg with not much rubbish was not quite enough to get me through.   Hope your all good out there, x

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Oh aye, we need to be well fuelled up for this running lark. It takes some calories out of our daily requirement, as does a good walk, so we have to replenish with good eats.  I love porridge and couldn't contemplate a walk or run without it.  

I thought I hated avocado but have come to love it.  This is what running does for us. It changes us!  For the better one hopes.  

Good luck with the running and healthy eating. 

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Interesting read , some very valid info

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