6km Club run & shall I enter the London sprint?

Was a great morning club run, albeit a tad warm climbing the hill on route, so walked some of it nattering with another member, oh well! so what? I can run continuously any time I want, just great to be out there, with others enjoying it.. We concentrated more on sprinting this time, doing 100m dashes and getting sprint running tips from our organiser, I did 4 sprints and got better with each one following the tips with regard to arm/leg position and use. I was told it appears I'm a natural sprinter! always did like doing small bursts of speed running, but never thought anymore of it. I was asked when I last sprinted for any distance of which I replied about 53 years ago at games in the school playground!! her jaw dropped! Wow!  and asked me if I would like to do the London sprint in June? but I'm still not sure about it, but should be fun and a good day out, taking in the sites of the city, and other members have entered, so will consider it, I'll be getting more training in for it with the club beforehand. I did feel the competition in me like I had at school all those years ago, think something may have rekindled, my inner competitiveness, which I never really new I had, not until I powered past a lady who runs a Parkrun in 25 mins. Seems I maybe a faster sprinter than I am a runner/jogger.. So, watch out Mr Bolt, no, I  dont think he has to worry! lol, But shall I go for the London sprint? am swaying towards yes do it! Just need a kick! What do you think my friends? Shall I just do it!?😊

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  • It sounds like you had a fun morning.

    Yes I think you should do it, it will be a good experience I'm sure

  • Yes do it. If you're thinking about it then deep down inside you know you want to. How far is the sprint?Β 

  • 1 mile, Noaky, I won't be able sustain a fast sprinting pace, but will do fartleks I think is the method, and the way to go.. Β  cityoflondonmile.co.uk

  • Yes go for it Dave ! Sounds like it will be a fun experience for you :-)

    Lifes for living , give it a go :-) xxx

  • Go for it!

  • Definitely do it! Should be a laugh and, of course, now your inner competitive demon is out it's going to need feeding!Β 

  • Yes, it's just my anxiety problem tends to hold me back, but think I have the better of that with inspiration from my friends..😊

  • Go for it, it will be fun !!

  • Yes, do it Dave. I did the Westminster Mile last year and really enjoyed it (can't make this years), it's quite good not having to hold back at the start.

  • Do it!!!!

    We should all try something new... sounds very exciting... I shall watch your progress as I would like to increase my speed slightly! I said in a rely to JaySeeSkinnyΒ , that I wanted to try something new!

    It sounds very interesting and what you have been doing in your practices too... I would like some more info' from you on that, please, if you have the time?

    I actually was a sprinter, ( 100 yards... can you remember yards ?), then moved to 220, and then 440 and then 880 yards ! I used to be the last runner in the relay teams too, as I had a great burst of speed... Mind you... I was very, very much younger !!!! I did, unbelievably, run for the County. It all seems like a distant dream now...! :)

    It will, as you say be really good fun and the atmosphere will be fantastic I am sure.

    You just go for it ! :)

  • Here you are floss..http://www.cityoflondonmile.co.uk

    My running club are entering as a team, think there will be about 6 of us. I'll be bringing in bursts of speed into my runs, up to the event in June..

  • Yes! Riskit for a Swisskit!! (Remember those!!?)

  • No, never heard of them OT..

  • They were a snack type biscuit bit like s nutty Twix. Can't get them now but that was their slogan: risk it for a Swisskit.Β 

  • I remember that OT !

    It was like a muesli /flapjack thing wasn't it and I think there was chocolate on it , but not 100% sure. I'm off to Google ! :-) xx

  • I remember toffee crisp & topic...weren't there a few muesli bars in choc? didn't bother much with them..😊

  • Yes that's right! Haven't seen them for yonks!

  • Going away from choc bars slightly, there were also Micky chocolate drink out of the vending machine, icepols & jublee's..πŸ˜€

  • Lovely jubbly!!

  • Β I remember one called Cabana, that had cherries and coconut in it , and Aztec Bars, Oooh they were gorgeous !

    Do you rememberΒ Β  Texan Bars - Sure is a mighty chew ! You had to wave goodbye to your fillings after one of those !Β  :-) xxx

  • Ah Cabana! My favourite ever bar! I wish they'd bring it back.

  • Oh I loved Aztec bars! Yes and Texan bars! Never had one of those though!

  • I loved the Aztec bars , they were gorgeous ! Similar to Mars Bars but much nicer in my opinion . I used to like the Mint Cracknell bars too :-) xxx

  • Yes, Aztec bar, dont remember Cabana. Mars bar! still a favourite of mine, dad would bring them in when he came home from work on a Friday night as the weekly treat, about 56 years ago!😱 no wonder we had the taste for chocolate! blame the parents!

  • I think the Aztec bar was Cadburys answer to the Mars Bar , shame it was shelved .

    Do you remember Bar Six ? Lovely ! Used to get Β one from the vending machine at the swimming baths :-) xxx

  • Very rarely do I buy a choc bar now, Maybe have more chocs at Christmas & Easter, Sue sometimes gets the Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt, love dark choc now as I've got older and taste changes..πŸ˜€

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