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First 10k booked! Any training tips?

Booked by first 10k for the end of July in Richmond, i graduated my couch to 5k a month and a bit ago, so far I'm just trying to slowly increase distance etc running, but has anyone got any tips about what they found was good training wise. 

I feel i lack strength training so going to gym with my housemate who does a lot of it to try and improve 

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Well done for your goal😀 I think strength training is a really good idea and something I know I should probably do more of! There are a lot of 10k training plans out there which you can look at, but many of us bridged from 5 to 10k by running 2x 5ks runs a week and then 1 longer run. Gradually increase your longer run either weekly or fortnightly. The general rule is not to increase by more than 10% of your total distance a week. In reality, most people make jumps of 1/2 km initially and then go up in ones. Also, don't increase that distance until you really feel ready, as too much too soon can result in injury. 🙁 I think my biggest tip is learn to listen to your body. Ease off if you feel too many niggles. Oh, and don't forget to keep us posted on here as to how you get on! Good luck🙂

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I use to shop in Richmond aeons ago (I lived in Putney) and it was so lovely. It should be a really scenic run. 

Do what Sandra says. Do as much cross training as you can focusing on the glutes and core, stretch every day and foam roller to get rid of tight spots and little niggles. Also vary your runs - long, slow/short speed/hills/intervals, etc. Stick to the 10% rule and every three weeks drop your total distance and build up again.  Good luck!

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I'm around 4 weeks post-grad. I'm not fast and I still don't think of myself as overly fit but I plodded to 10k tonight. My post-grad plan was to consolidate my 30 min runs for 4-6 weeks but what I've ended up doing is running 2x5k and a longer one. The long one I just run until it feels like I need to stop. I probably would have stopped at around 8.5km tonight but 10k just seemed 'doable' so I went for it. My thighs are a little niggly, I could be regretting it in the morning but fingers crossed they'll ease off. I think the mental side of things is far more restricting than the physical.

Go out, plod away, see how it goes :)


It sounds like you are doing all the right things.... the only thing I would add is an interval session once a week...


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