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It just felt good!

Ran 12.20 km on 30/04/2016 Ran 12.20 km on 30/04/2016 Distance

12.2 km




1264 kCal



Above is a cut and paste job from my 'map my run' app.  On Saturday it was a beautiful evening and I felt really good.  I've been inspired by reading a few posts by fairly recent graduates like myself who have just found they've gone out there and done a 10k so I thought I'd give it a go. I wasn't confident about the distance on my app so I added a couple of kilometres running to a point where I thought it must be at least 10k  and I could have gone further but didn't want to push my luck. I experienced that feeling of not thinking about my legs or my breathing but just enjoying the rhythm of running. I felt so proud when I got home and it reminded me of when I did the 20 min run at the end of week 5, that sense of achieving something that you didn't think you were capable of. To think that in January this would have seemed impossible. I feel like I'm really settling post-graduation now, I don't feel pressured, I just run 3 times a week roughly 30 mins for two of those and then make one a longer run. I'm really keen to get distance as I'm not worried about speed but I think that is just improving anyway. Happy running everyone!

P.s. Bought some new gear, a short sleeved running top and one of those belts so I've got somewhere for a phone etc now that it's mostly too hot to wear a jacket. Feel justified in investing now that I am clearly a runner!!

P.p.s  how do I get one of those much sought after 10k badges by my name? I like a bit of bling!

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Brilliant. Well done. I still find it hard to believe that none of us could run for toffee  a while ago and now the skies the limit. Happy running !!!!

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Ooh - well done! 12 k and in a brilliant time. I'm well impressed👍 It is good when it all clicks, isn't it? I'm itching to do another 10k, but I had shin problems after my first and have decided to be sensible and build up slowly from 5 k. Next long run will hopefully be 7k (but I am a lot slower than you). 

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There's a link,in blue text to the right of the page, for you to click on 😊

Your running sounds just the thing!  Not pressured but enjoyable. Perfect! ☺

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This is brilliant ! Well done , sounds like you've really got it sussed .

Fantastic, and look at that calorie burn ! Amazing stuff !!! :-) xxx

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Great run and time 😊think you have been runner from the day you set out on week 1 😊

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