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For newcomers to "racing" ---

from an "expert" :) We all know what an expert is - an ex is a has been - and a spert is a drip under pressure! :)

I have now finished 4 "proper" races - 2x 10klm, 1x 14klm and 1x HM ---   I was nervous about all of them - I had devised a strategy that would pretty well guarantee my completion of them ( short of a catastrophe) - and guess what? -- I was not last in any of them.  In fact, in all of these races I have come home around half way though the competitors - with MANY younger people well behind me. -- and I am definitely not a fast runner - I would probably call myself a strong shuffler :)

I have noticed that there are many contestants in these races that are not regular runners and do not seriously train for the event - so anybody here who does put in a decent training effort is not going to disgrace themselves!! :)

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Well said Bazza1234  and well done on those races 😊


Thanks, Bazza, that gives me hope for my next event!


Thanks for sharing your experiences Bazza, that gives me hope :)


Thanks Bazza. I have my first race soon and really don't know what to expect.


I think you are brilliant Bazza.  It gives me such encouragement to read your posts. Congratulations on those events.


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