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First 10k run after the Spring wolf run!

First 10k run after the Spring wolf run!

I'm glad to say it went well! Thanks for your time. The text is a bit light so I'll start by confirming that the result was doing 10k in 50:39 averaging a pace of 05:03 per km overall.

I'm actually sitting here nibbling the CLIFF energy bar that was in the goodie bag from the Wolf run, that experience will probably be with me (the obstacle course, not eating the energy bar) at least until 11/6/16 when the next one is.

I found the route by using a popular search engine to google (pretty much a verb now lol) 'Cardiff 10k'. I found a route from an event last year and tried to follow it. This did mean stopping at about 6.5km to make sure I was going the right way, but I'm not sure  at the moment whether I'm just using that as an excuse because I was quite exhausted at the time!

From the above picture you can see where I was running and the faster (green)/ slower(blue) bits (yellow (I think) means I was going a bit too fast). Interestingly the motivation I commonly have near the end (it's just another 10/15/20 mins running) was absent this afternoon. Although (tediously) I started off averaging about 04:20 per km I settled in in the latter half of the run at around 5 mins per km and really felt like there was no rush.

I'm chuffed to bits with the result to be honest :)

It will be nice to run on grass in my trail shoes when I get them back next weekend, as it was quite the different and more natural experience doing it on Saturday.

Hope your running is going well and the weather's been as good where you are in the world as it was today for me.

Thanks again,


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That's a great time Mike! 😊sounds like your Google route was a sucesss!yes lovely sunny day today😆

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