Warmth? Water?

Funny sensation this morning as I left the house... sunshine and warmth. Luckily I was wearing just a thin long sleeved top and shorts (no gloves, no baselayer) but I was still rather warm  just a couple of km into my 5k run. Not sure how much it affected me - I needed two short walks near the end but managed 24:28, officially my 2nd fastest time.

Is it worth having a glass of water immediately before a run if it's likely to be warm?

Can't wait for Aldi's cheap running stuff on Thursday... I'm thinking now 2 T-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts!

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  • Not sure about the glass of water before-hand, (it tends to slosh around in my tummy) but I did notice Aldi have those electrolyte tablets for your glass of water (before or after) to help with loss of fluids/dyhydration.

    Definitely feeling warmer here too!

  • I find the heat totally saps my energy when running.  My method of dealing with it was to set the alarm and go out earlier before the sun warms things up too much.  I've done two summers of running now, and I have to say it's a lot easier in the winter!

  • I too am not looking forward to the warmer weather and suspect I will be getting up really early to beat the heat of the day once we move in to summer! Well done on that time though Simon - didn't sap too much energy from those speedy legs!😉

  • Looking forward to some Sun and warmth 😊 

    That is super speedy and 2 short walks ,wow can I have whatever it is you take 😊 

  • Hi Simon,

    A glass of water about 1 hour before you run should be all you need. Especially if you're only out for a 5 or 10k. You generally don't need anything until you've been out for an hour or so.  Even in the milder temperatures. If you must take water just before you go out, take only sips.

    A full glass just before you run will only give you a stitch and lead to an unhappy outing.



  • great time!! I tend to have a few sips of strong green tea on an early one, rather than go on empty. In the summer i do drink more on longer runs as the body dehydrates quicker in the heat ( i think?!!!)

  • doing 5k, I generally stay well hydrated anyway, maybe just 2-3 glugs before I head out, but it depends on how much you sweat!

    And don't pinch all the running gear from aldi!😊

  • I noticed the sweat much more on Tuesday to the point where I was seriously considering purchasing a headband!

  • Wow..I am still bundled up! maybe it's my age!

    Well done you anyway!

  • PS

    I always have half a glass of water, just before I leave to run...

  • I don't drink much before I run because I don't want to find myself needing a pee. Not sure what is best, experiment a bit? Your posts are always nice to read and you'll find a way of managing in summer, we all will I hope!

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