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2nd 10K of the week.....andof all time!!!

2nd 10K of the week.....andof all time!!!

This is my first post in the 10K forum! I started the couch to 5K in December and graduated after 9 weeks in February this year. Apart from a few weeks where I completely lost my running mojo and did a few crap runs or just one crap run I had been doing 3 runs of at least 5K each week and my PB for 5K is 26:45. I then read a post on here about how you can run a 10K if you can run a 5K as you're already cardiovascularly fit enough. I'm pretty fit and slim and I'm 28 so I thought if that person can do it and it was just a mental battle then maybe I can! So on Tuesday I went for a run with my mum (who's a good runner) and aimed for a 10K. Until then the furthest if gone was 6.5K but I'd finished it feeling I could have kept going. So we slowed the pace down and chatted and before I knew it if run 10.2K in 1 hour 5 mins! Them to prove it wasn't a fluke I went for a run with my boyfriend tonight, the same route and I manage 10.6K in just under 1 hour 5 mins! So just wondered what the consensus was on doing a 10K from a 5K- I'm proof you can just give it a try and succeed! I definitely felt it was mental- my breathing had been great and my legs only tire towards the end. I think I'm going to keep going with one or two 10Ks a week to consolidate as I have signed up for a 10K race in both April and May! It's amazing how your body can respond to training and improve :)

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Well done on reaching 10k!  I graduated 35 weeks ago and have also reached 10k,  I have decided to do 2 X 5k and one long run a week, are you sure you won't get an injury doing 2 X 10ks?  


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