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Longest "run" this year ... but forest path too rough to run much!


I set off for my longest run this year @ 4.5 miles on Saturday, with a forecast saying 3% chance of rain. It hailed after 2 miles! No matter, I thought, I'll head into the newly opened woodland footpath for some shelter and off-road running. Turns out that, unless you're a red deer - which crossed my path en route, at some speed! - 70% of the path is too rough and/or steep for me to run, so I walked about a mile of the 1.5 miles in there. Still a good workout with all the dodging about avoiding fallen logs, stones, badger setts, rabbit holes, so my heartrate stayed high. But this week's longer run will be on the road to make sure I can run the whole way!

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Tough run but not many of us can claim to run like a red deer and actually see one ;-) So well done and good luck for your next less taxing run!

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to Anthie

Lol! Yup ... never been able to run like a red deer, and unlikely to do so any time soon! I decided to accept that a roe deer crossing my path was a sign of good luck, rather than a black cat ... and was relieved to arrive home with ankles intact after all the hazards underfoot! ;)

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to APScotland

Just realised I wrote 'red' instead of 'roe' deer in the 1st post. They are roe deer in our woods ... a bit smaller, but still apparently capable of knocking unwary travellers over :)


But what a wonderful experienc even so x

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Yes - it was lovely to see. I was also pleased it didn't bowl me over, which DID happen to a neighbour while out for a walk a few years ago! She had hoof prints on her chest to prove it!!

JetsOwner in reply to APScotland

Goodness. Jet has knocked my flying twice and it’s very painful. But your neighbour’s experience is a whole new thing.

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to JetsOwner

She was out for a gentle stroll along her farm track, whereas I was huffing and puffing like a steam train so the deer would have heard me coming for some distance! I hope that means I'm less likely to be trampled underfoot ... unless there are rogue rod deer in the woods!

Sounds incredible. I run in my local woods with Jet and it’s the same - a sort of obstacle course with mud, holes, badger sets, fallen logs, hills, slopes - no red deer though!

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to JetsOwner

Sounds very similar! Lovely to go running with Jet by your side too :)

Looks like you live is a beautiful place.

APScotlandGraduate10 in reply to JetsOwner

Yes I feel lucky to be here - NE Scotland is very beautiful :)

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