A sweaty problem

I sweat when I run. I know that is not unusual or that it is not necessarily a bad thing. It does help keep you cooler. The problem is that after long runs and substancial amounts of sweating the skin on my face has become quite red in particular round my nose and cheeks. I do the usual thing of having a shower or bath after running and clean the area using cleansing wipes. I have also thought of having a sweat band to help prevent some of the sweat from running down from my forehead onto my nose and cheeks might help. I would like peoples thoughts on this on what might work. 

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  • Hi Marc , I had a problem with sweat running off my forehead and getting into my eyes and making them sting like hell ! 

    I use an headband now , seems to do the trick :-) xxx

  • Could be rosacea, if so you can get medication for it from your doctor...

  • I wear a cap which is soaked after a run. I certainly stops any sweat (or rain/sun) on my face. If you are ok wearing head-gear, maybe give it a go...

  • This time of year I wear a baseball cap that helps.  I have been heart rate training and running at a slower pace and that seems to of helped my beetroot face a lot, so much so I came in from a run and my other half said didn't it go well when I asked why he said I didn't look like I was about to pass out as usual.

  • I wear a buff, folded flat into a headband, which keeps salty sweat  out of the eyes which stings like heck.  If you do that it will stop the sweat all over your face causing soreness.  I put face cream on, with sun screen in it ☺

  • Sweat run down my face too. I would be weary of cleansing wipes. What does it contain? alcohol? If so it could make your skin dry or flaky or whatever... 

  • thank very much for all your replies. I have put in an order for some sweatbands so hopefully this should solve the problem!

  • I sweat loads and suffer with chaffing too ( I have scars on my back!!). I used to always wear a sweatband they are great. In winter I wear a buff on my head and that helps. I also wear merino as it is great for wicking. Sweatbands on the wrist are good too as you can use them to wipe and blow your nose!!!

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