7 weeks to go until 10km

I'm currently running around 3 times a week and I am aiming to go at least under 100 minutes and ideally 90 mins. 

At the moment I'm going about 10:30 mins/km and I am not sure what sort of plan I should be doing?

I tend to do two 3km runs and a longer run each week. Does anyone have any ideas on what a training plan could be for me?? Thanks. 

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  • I'm planning on starting my 10k prep next week using the plan from my.asics.com/  its free and lots use it, ask misswobble I know shes used it

  • Thank you I'll have a look at that. 

  • I'm using the 10k plan from my asics although I'm finding it a bit irritating at the moment.  Still, it's better than nothing - give it a try!  It's adjustable, which is useful.

  • Thanks. I've downloaded the app. 

  • The plans can be followed religiously, loosely or just used as a guide to help you know what to do training wise.  You enter your details to the questions asked and they will give you a detailed plan based on your age and current level of running etc.  Go for the Easy option as the intermediate and advanced will be punishing. Running 3 times a week is the usual option

  • Thank you. I've set it up for three days a week running on my preferred days. It is wanting me to go at least 1.5 mins/km faster pace than my normal in the second week though and that is with the easy option. 

  • Yes, it's tough.  I find it too tough sometimes, and because I got a shin splint last year, I err on the side of caution now.  

    Has asics given you a few fast 3k intervals?  They are hard but good, if you can manage them

    Take care!

  • What is your goal?

  • 90 - 100 minutes when I do the race.

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