a tale of two 10K runs

The first 10K run was actually a "race" - well some people are really racing but the crowd I mix with are just trying to cross the finish line in a not too embarrassing time - or even just trying to finish in an upright position. My first tale had me running non-stop (well almost!!) at a pace of 7:10 per K and a finishing time of 1hour 11 minutes ( and some seconds). I finished STRONGLY - did I ever show those stragglers in the 200 metre long finishing shute how to finish a race!!! I was a WINNER!!

However the second tale is two days later. I am about to start out on a HM/fullmarathon training plan for the rest of the year. The HM is only 15 weeks away so I had planned on having a weeks break after the 10K "race" and then doing a nice slow long 12 klms - run/walking at 8:00-8:30 mins per klm - deliberately very slow when compared to the race , but the idea is just to get time on my feet - 12K x8.5 = 1 hour 40 minutes !! . But- after the first 10K, I was feeling quite OK two days later - so I thought I would just go out and do a second 10K two nights after the first - should be easy - 1&1/2 minutes per K slower than the race - running a bit and walking a bit - generally smelling the roses as I go along! They call it a "recovery run" !

So what happened??? - I carried out "the plan" - but only just made it!! This run/walk was harder than the run. Sore legs, painful feet, will this torture even end - you now what I am saying!!?? I could write a book about this "a Tale of two "runs" - except that I don't know what the ending is.

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  • That's a good time Bazza. Maybe the second run felt harder because you weren't fully recovered from the first one. But in any event I'm sure you'll do great on the HM.

  • Well done Baz, that 10k race sounds fantastic. It's great when a plan comes good. Finishing strongly is a good sigh I'd say. Maybe it comes at a price and our recovery is slower but you'll be fine soon. It could take a week or so but you'll be good to go soon. I did my 10k recently and my calves were agony in the days afterwards. I did the recovery runs, had a couple of soaks in the salts, and they're fine now. I was tired though for several days and got some extra long sleeps in.

    Good luck with the next session. I'm sure you'll be fine

  • Your 10k sounds great, Bazza, just what I'm aiming for in mine in a few weeks.  I love the idea of the strong finish :)

    I don't know enough about recovering from longer efforts, but although you said you felt fine, perhaps deep in the muscle the tissue needed a bit longer to recover?  I'm sure your plan for the HM is very sensible. 

  • Great runs and good training. Interesting observations too...

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