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My running week

Hello all I am back. Been laid up for a while due to yet another chest infection. Thought I had got rid of it after Christmas, felt better started running again and then wham, laid low yet again. Now feeling better so have been taking it easy as a gentle re-introduction to running. I have also signed up for my Triathlon in June so everything is geared towards that. I now cannot afford to get sick in the run up to June 5th. Any suggestions for staying cold/chest infection free would be most gratefully welcomed. I think part of it is because I do almost all of my running early in the morning i.e. before 6am so that I can get it in before I go to work. Also I cycle to work and this is of course early so when cycling now I have taken to wearing a mask so that I can breathe in warmer air as I have read that this can help.

Times are ok, ran a 10k on Monday and that was in 1:06:04 so considering I haven't done that in 4 weeks I was very happy, intervals on Wednesdays and 5k today in 30.34. I am hoping to improve my times closer to the end of May to try and get my 10k as close to an hour as I can and a few sub 30 minute 5ks so that when I tumble off my bike and run the 5k my little legs will actually be able to carry me around the course in Swanley!

Until next time take care, stay well and keep on running!

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I'm impressed that you ran a 10k after 4 weeks on the IC, and in such a good time considering you've had a chest infection! Is it something you've suffered from previously? I developed exercise-induced asthma when I started running, much to my irritation, but I've always suffered from bronchitis etc. If the chest infection persists, it might be worth checking out - you might just need an inhaler before you run and then no problem. Otherwise, warming the air as you're doing when you cycle/run. Also, making sure your vits and minerals are topped up never hurts.

Good luck with it all!


Only since last August have I been suffering with Chest infections. I had one then and another one in December and it re-occurred in the middle of January. I have had a chest X-ray carried out and full blood tests to see if there was anything underlying but nothing showed up. I guess I can have just been unlucky but it is annoying and really impacts on my training schedule!


Good to hear from you again Mat and great to see you're still out there running! They (experts!) say that the cold virus comes through our noses so maybe stick some Vaseline there when you're in hot, busy places with lots of people. Also wash your hands a lot and try not to touch your face as that's where the virus starts off.

Apart from eating and sleeping properly I'm not sure what else you can do. Good luck and keep us posted.

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