I hate this time!

Some of you know it well. It's the day before an event. I have two this weekend a 1.5km swim tomorrow and a 6mile speed walk (first time speed walking the whole thing) on Sunday.

I've done all the prep but for some reason my body feels like it's packing up on me. I ache in silly places and my arthritis is kicking up a storm. For me it is such a thin line between resting before an event and doing too little so my arthritis kicks in. I know it's all in my head and it will all go fine but why oh why does it drive me crazy every time.

I'm feeling very chilled about the events, I'm putting no pressure On myself but still the mind and body are playing up stupidly. I still know I will have a great weekend because I love the events it's just this time before I hate.

What does anyone else do to kick the "taper terrors" into touch.

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  • "Taper terrors"! Made me chuckle. I'm also in that phase, with a half coming up on Sunday. I just feel a bit impatient, wondering what else I should be doing. I had a massage on Tuesday, I'm going on the club run tonight, and I'm planning my food for the next few days. can't think of what else to do!

    Good luck with your events, RFC. Will look forward to hearing about them!

  • Thank you, you too. Looks like good weather for a HM not too hot and not too cold. I have to fuel for tomorrow and then refuel and fuel the same day for Sunday. As I am Speed walking I dont need as much fuel as when I am running. Let us know how you get on, good luck.

  • I can offer no advice, but I shall follow this post avidly in case someone comes up with a magic answer. My pre-race terrors remind me of school and the days before an important exam I know I could be better prepared for!

  • Hehe reminds me being stood outside the headmistress's office because I had done something wrong - again. I often use the fact I survived those meetings to get me through life big trials. 😃

  • All I would say is to trust in your tapering and rest time knowing that it's doing the work even though your body disagrees. 💪🏻

  • Thank you, I'm sure I I'll be fine,just wish my head would behave more.

  • I go and have a little jog to stretch my legs and loosen me up. A slow, leisurely jog, or even a stroll would be fine. It just helps get rid of the jitters generally. I had the dog to think about when I was racing on Sunday so that was a diversion for me. Took my mind off worrying about the race. The jog performs the same function ☺

  • Thank you. I ended up doing a bit of clearing leaves, I have been putting it off for weeks. It's amazing how much you can get done when your trying to keep your mind busy.

  • You will have done this now... so hope it went well... It all sounds amazingly terrifying and you sound pretty amazing too.

    I am a mere beginner here, so all that you describe is way out of my league...The only advice I could give, is what my Nan used to say to me...

    "If worrying is going to change a single thing, then worry...if it isn't, then don't waste your time or your energy; use them to your advantage. "

    I still cling onto that thought. even now :)

    Good Luck for the weekend anyway :)

  • Thank you what a Great saying. It's very true. We are not out of your league, believe it or not we are all in the same boat. that's why this forum works so well we all need that little shoulder to lean on sometimes or a gentle push in the right direction when we feel less than able. Part One done getting ready for Sunday now.

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