Mama Weer All Crazee Now!

That was the song that was playing as I started my 10k run this morning... 6:40am, bit of sleet in the air and my head full of cold! I decided that since my cold wasn't on my chest I was good to go! Still felt a bit mad as I left the house though. Took the precaution of wearing a hat for a change and I am glad I did.

I chose a relatively flat route with just a couple of very small hills along the way. Thankfully the coldness of the air numbed my face so I didn't really notice my runny nose and I only had the odd cough. Anyway.... I knocked over a minute off my previous best and went under 55 mins for the first time (54:28 according to Strava, 54:34 according to Garmin)! It certainly makes the cold feel a lot better!

Next target is to throw in some bigger hills in preparation for the race in June and see if I can match that time.

6 Replies

  • Goodness me, Simon, you are achieving some very impressive times! Well done! 🙂

  • Well done Simon that is a superb time :) it was definitely a hat day this morning :)

  • A brilliant time - and with a cold as well. Someone is very dedicated😈

  • Brilliant time there! Fabulous job!!

  • You are following my own trajectory very closely ... ;-)

    Great progress Simon, well done.

  • Fabulous time, huge well done, you are really getting speedy :)

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