Running with or without glasses?

Running with or without glasses?

I always try to run without my glasses if I can. However, when I need to do something with my phone, it is a bit of guesswork where to press! A lot of my running is in woods or on grass so I have to focus on the uneven ground to watch out for bumps, dips, tree roots (and dog poo)!!!! I would be able to see totally clearly with glasses on but it gives me more freedom to leave them behind and I can see well enough. What do you do?? Julie

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  • With my glasses all the time. I just can't see otherwise. My biggest issue with them is when it's wet & a) I need window wipers & b) the heat from my cheeks makes the, steam up! πŸ˜† I did have a small incident where I took them off & mistook a large orange beacon & carrier bag to be a man & his dog down at our docks...............

  • I can just about see ok long distance without mine but maybe in the future I might need to wear them on a run. I have varifocals and like to give my eyes a rest! I saw a woodpecker yesterday so I can see something LOL, your post made me laugh!

  • I can manage without my specs, I only really need them for reading, but I have very sensitive eyes and need sunglasses when there is the least glimmer of sun. I struggle with them misting up all the time, drives me crackers.

  • Always with - would be blind without them. A real liability. But they do steam up which is a pain.

  • I always run with my glasses on... tomorrow may have to be an exception though as it's forecast to be chucking it down and I really don't want to miss my Tuesday run.

  • I cant see much without my glasses to use my phone i would have to hold it 2inches from my face! So running without glasses is not really an option.

    But they are so annoying, you get sweaty as you do while running then they slide down your face every minute or if its raining they get all wet or steam'd up and just cant see anything anyway. So i hate running with my glasses too!

    So the days i go running i use Daily Contact lenses which are excellent, you dont have to worry about all the solution stuff. they dont steam up they dont fall down your noise they dont get wet you can wear normal sunglasses!

    Before i started this running thing i vowed i would never use contacts the idea of touching my eye and that sort of thing made me feel sick, but for the love of running i came over this, yes they are quite expensive and yes they are a pain to put in at first but you really do get use to that and taking them out is alot easier and also not everyone can have contact lenses. Go speak to your optician you could at least do the free try!

  • I couldn't run without sight correction :( I run in varifocal contact lenses so I can see where I am going and also see the little numbers on my Garmin. I have only once run in my glasses, when I was away for the City of London Mile race and I took my lens out of its case and it disintegrated in my hand! I am really nervous about running in my glasses in case they fall off somehow and I break them or ruin the coating because they are very expensive, whereas the lenses are much less so. I do run in sunglasses and bought sports sunglasses. Previously I would have (quietly) laughed at the thought of this, but they don't steam up and they do stay on, thanks to the anti-slip grip thingies on the arms.

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