Running with reading glasses?

In a moment of madness on Black Friday in December I bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 620 because it was in a sale.

This was madness for two reasons.

Firstly, I don't understand how to work it, even having studied the instructions!

Secondly, even once I do understand it (I am going to find a friendly toddler to explain it in words of one syllable), I can't see it at all without my reading glasses on.

Does anyone else have that problem? I would like to start finding out how fast I'm running WHILE I'm running, rather than just waiting till I go home and looking at the breakdown on Strava. But that would entail taking my reading glasses with me. How much of a pest is that? Do you hold them in your hand? Do you stick them on top of your head? To be fair I do currently take them, in case I have to use them in an emergency in order to phone for help, but they are buried in my stretchy ifitbelt under my clothes and it would be tricky to get them out mid-run.

And a supplementary question, if I may...

Rather than just my cheapy supermarket reading glasses, I will probably be heading for all-the-time varifocals soon as my middle-distance eyesight isn't what it was. I know this is a silly question but if you wear glasses throughout a run, do they get steamed up?


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  • Hilarious post! When I started running a year ago, once my distances were increasing, I ventured into the woods. I always ran without glasses. However, my eyesight is pretty rubbish. After a couple of trips (tree roots mostly), I decided I needed to wear them at all times, even running. They are varifocals so I can see trip hazards and my Fitbit!

  • Oh that sounds encouraging! Just problem 1 to deal with and I'm sorted. :)

  • I run with my glasses and have always done. They are varifocals. Easy to see far away as well as the garmin on my wrist.

    Yes, they do steam up when it's wet. As in cold air or rain hitting the outside of the glasses and warm breath finding its away to the inside = instant steam. It's mostly a winter and/or rainy day problem. From spring to autumn it's not a problem unless it rains.

    And when I work hard there's sweat dropping down the inside of them, streaking them and making it somewhat harder to see.

    And when I wear my headtorch, I find that the straps of the torch presses uncomfortably against the bit of my ears where the glass arms sit behind.

    So it's not all fun and games. But it's very nice to be able to see, so I suck it up and enjoy running with my glasses.

  • I have to run with my head torch in my hand on really cold nights - it's the only time I notice my glasses steaming up while I'm actually running.

  • Hi Anne, ha ha, I wear glasses, an old single vision pair when I'm running, I've got varifocals with photochromic - but I've preferred to wear my old ones most of the time, in case I fall/break them - the newer ones are flippin' expensive!

    I also use a baseball cap or visor if it's raining or really bright sun, since doing that I've had no issue with them steaming up. (I hate the sun/rain directly on my face, especially around my eyes, probably something to do with being a lifelong specs wearer)

    Hope you find something that suits.


  • I wear glasses when I run, varifocals, and yes, they steam up and when it rains I have to wear a cap. I am considering getting some contact lenses just for running.

  • Haha, I know what you mean! I'm just hoping to grow longer arms so I can check my Fitbit πŸ˜‚

  • No problem with steaming up except occasionally when I get home. Envious of the Garmin πŸ˜€ Hope you sort it πŸ‘ŸπŸƒ

  • I know on. My forerunner 225 I can change the display to what I want it to show big in the middle ie pace mph distance

  • Yes, I wear glasses and yes, they do steam up. It's very bad at this time of year because it really is VERY cold out there and they not only steam up, they ice up aswell. I'm quite worried I might get frostbite on my cheeks! But it's better than being blind!

  • I don't run in glasses Anne but re how to use your watch........go on YouTube , put in the model number etc and see if there is a tutorial posted by Garmin or some random techie bloke. I did it when I wanted to try out my son's watch. I came across a bit of an idiot's guide so it was perfect for me! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • I wear varifocals - but mostly I need them for longer to middle distance. I think the Garmin watches are quite good in that you can vary what parameters you want to see for any particular run. Problem is if you try to place too many parameters on the one face. So - really you have to determine what things are most important to you for any particular run and only display these things. Remember - each run should have a specific purpose and therefore should have specific things that you want to monitor. That is what these watches are for - if you only want to "go out for a run", then you don't really need a watch :)

  • I wear varifocals, but don't have a problem with them steaming up except after a run if I get in the car. Rain is a problem!

    Just off to parkrun but need to check if it's on because of the frost....

  • I can't see my Garmin without my reading specs, which I keep parked on my head when I run. I have had one pair fly off, never to be seen again,but they were cheap as chips πŸ™‚

  • Varifocals - works for me.πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“

  • Good luck with the Garmin! I can't help there I'm afraid because I am a technoplonk, but I'm sure you can find a YouTube vid or a sighing teenager to help you out :D

    Re seeing the display, I've only ever run in glasses once, I'm afraid, and that was in a moment of despair in a race(!) because my contact lens chose that morning to expire and I was away from home without a replacement (lesson learned). Are you able to wear contacts at all? I wear glasses normally but contacts for running. I was experimenting with varifocals and took my Garmin into the optician so he could see the size of the numbers I needed to see :D I think he thought I was mad but these things matter! I've gone back to single vision disposables now though because they are cheaper and less fuss, and if I squint I can see the smaller numbers and where I'm going, so it's okay.

    Other than that, it might be worth going to one of the opticians where they have a two-for one deal and getting two pairs of varifocal glasses so you can have a pair for running, just in case they do get messed up. I hope you can work something out, and that you enjoy your new toy!

  • Where to start? The end, I think. I wear glasses when I run, they tend to steam up when I stop, rather than during the actual run unless I 've pulled my buff up too far up over my nose and the obvious has happened.

    I have more problems when it rains as I wear reactive lenses (turn dark in bright light) and raindrops tend to leave a shadow. (Though the technology is getting better so that improve on my next pair).

    I assume you don't already wear glasses? I am very short sighted and now need reading glasses as well, but have found that if I pull my regular glasses down my nose and look through the top of the lenses I can read again.

  • So did you have your reading glasses on when you bought the garminπŸ˜‰

    Some apps like MapMyRun announce each km, speed split etc. I'm using it to do the b210k. You are meant to be able to manually link them to Strava, so you can keep your running total - but I haven't been able to do that yet. (If you are listening to music, you get a voice over every km.

    Might work for you in the mean time.

  • I have varifocals..... I know I am getting old!!! My problem is seeing in the distance but I do wear them running and it's fine apart from rain or v cold as they steam up!!!

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