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Chichester 10k

Chichester 10k

Really enjoyed today's run at Chichester, the weather was great, nice and sunny with just a breeze. Arranged to meet Ali, Paul & Caroline unfortunately Boz couldn't make it (struck down by the dreaded lurgy, hope you get well soon Boz) and as luck would have it we all met up early on with enough time for a chat and photo. It was also nice too meet Caroline as we missed each other at last years GSR. This forum is full of lovely, friendly people and running with C25kers today was great, giving encouragement and cheering each other over the finish line is what makes the day enjoyable. I've got the bug nagging at me now to find more events to take part in and hopefully meet more c25kers. my Garmin showed a time of 56mins 58secs with a pace of 9mins 3secs/mile, I was very pleased with that but still need to check the recorded time as like the numpty I am, I started it 30+ secs too early as we weren't at the start line. ๐Ÿ™„ Enjoy your running next week everyone. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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What a lovely photo , you all look really happy and smiley !

Well done Frank, that is an amazing time , awesome !

I am so glad you all got to meet up and had a great day . This place is the BEST !

Have a great week Frank , you should all be sooo proud of yourselves today !

Ten - Ten Good Bud ! ( can you see what I did there ? ) :-D xxx

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10-4 good buddy, Copy that!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Chris and you're right this is a great forum. xxx

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