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Pesky blister! :(

Morning All!

My plan to increase my distance is going amazingly - if I may say so myself. I still shuffle along, doing my thing, lol.

2 weeks ago I got my distance upto 4.56 miles - woop - furthest ever!

Last night I did 4.76 miles *faints with excitement*

So I am getting further and also quicker because last nights run was 3 mins quicker and was further!

My issue now is a re-occuring blister. Always in the same place on the same foot. I now cover it with a plaster, but is there anything I can do to prevent it before it gets worse?

I am only 1.5 miles off my 10k target then I will focus on getting my speed up.

Have a good day everyone :)

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Not had this problem myself but a few thoughts spring to mind; proper running socks or is it your shoes? Also might be worth googling the many wonderful ways that laces can be tied (!). I use what I think is called 'lock lacing'. Some one posted a link on here ages ago but I think there are ways you can tie your laces that stop your feet from slipping as much in your shoes which I have heard can help with blisters. Hth🙂Well done for building up that distance, it is a great feeling isn't it?


You need socks if you're not already wearing them. Loosen off the laces maybe. I would apply some Vaseline to the blister area, just a smear, which stops chafing. It's good stuff even on a bad blister.


Thanks guys, at the weekend I'll get some running socks and see how I go and I'll adjust my laces if no joy. Get rid of this blister and I'll be happy x



You can invest in socks that are specifically designed for running. You probably won’t need these unless you run long distances. You may not notice a seam which rubs your feet over 5 or 10 miles. But by the end of a marathon, you will be painfully aware of every seam, and could well have blisters where your socks have rubbed.

Sock manufacturers such as Thorlos make socks that have no seams, and of which the soles are padded for comfort. but many runners find them too warm. Other brands of socks are double-layered, which helps to reduce blisters (since the layers rub against each other, rather than against your skin). Many runners swear by these, others find them uncomfortable after they have first been washed. Try the different brands and see which suit you best.


A trick I use when hiking or walking lots is to wear those little nylon footies under my socks when I'm getting a blister or feel my shoes are rubbing.


I suffered with a recurring blister at about the same distance as you. I did a combination of the following and now get on fine:

1. double layer your socks or buy the doubled ones

2. Anti chaffing cream - udderly I think mine is - for cyclists

3. Regularly moisturise my feet with burts bees coconut foot cream

4. In the mean time - blister plasters. The expensive ones are best (compeed). I find the boots and tesco ones poor in comparison but the wilko ones are OK

Good luck

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Thanks guys, yesterday I bought some proper running socks so today I wore them with a blister plaster so I'll see if it heals up, I also wore my trainers slightly looser as I do tie them pretty tight and my foot still felt secure. X


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