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Progress - and those pesky Gremlins


I ran today. Last week, after my first ever 10k race, I took a week off, and am now back to running, aiming for three times a week, as I have done since I started way back in 2018. Today’s run made me feel very frustrated (again) and Strava showed me that I don’t seem to making much progress with my pace. I got home and sat in the garden and grumbled to myself about how I’m not getting any faster, those gremlins all there in my head telling me this is pointless and I shouldn’t bother. But then I started looking further back. My fastest 5k was in April..... but since then I have run 10k. This time last year I was thinking about how I ought to try and lose some weight and get a bit fitter. Once I summed up the courage to start C25K, like many others, I went out dressed in dark, baggy clothing, at times when I would be less likely to see people, and I was very conscious of what they might think of me. Today, I am almost two stone lighter than I was then, without starving myself or giving up chocolate and wine, and I went out at 5pm, through a busy park and onto the cycle tracks, wearing Lycra shorts 😱 This might not have been as fast as I ran in April, but it is much hotter and more humid.... and I ran, wearing shorts, and it felt good!! Progress is not always linear, and it’s not all in the numbers. If I could put a number on my happiness it would certainly be higher than it was this time last year. This is the kind of progress that matters.

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Great post and very inspiring. That’s spot-on about progress. In a way, every run is progress even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Marvellous post. Very apt for me. 😊


Great post 😀. Intervals might be the way to get your 5k time down once the weather sorts itself out ☀️🌤🌧💦☂️🌤☀️


Great Post and yep very true re the progress. I think we can beat ourselves up a bit (or those gremlins can!!!) I know I do... But when u think how far you've come that's what really matters. 😁😁


It's so easy to fall down the numbers rabbit hole!! I've done it myself more than once. We nee to constantly remind ourselves that before C25K we could do none of what we do now and it just really shouldn't be all about the stats, it's about the freedom to run in nature, the sights and sounds we see, the fresh air we breathe and the fitter we are 👍🏻💪🏻😁

You tell'em! Blimmin gremlins. You've come a long way in a short time, what an inspirational post. 🙌

Lycra shorts! Whoop whoop! 👏

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