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Resistance Bands

Anyone tried these? During an unintended shopping spree on the internet I bought a set of these bands. I haven't used them yet but I want to improve my core strength so I'm going to give it a go. I am slightly worried that they might ping off my foot but other than that there seems to be a wide variety of different exercises you can do with them. In my dreams I'm seeing myself with a 6 pack in a few weeks. In reality I'm hoping for better posture which will help my running.

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I hope so. I've ordered a set as my podiatrist has suggested using them as part of my stretching routine.

I've also ordered a book with different exercises for the bands. Good luck with the 6 pack!!! 😆


Waiting for replies as I have been wondering about them. Tempted to get one


I used resistance bands for the first time in Pilates class last week. They were amazing- a real upper body and core work out for me. You might find some core exercises on you tube, but I'd say they were a good buy!

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