Tips for refuelling during long runs

Hello everyone! Happy Friday :)

I suppose I have posted this a bit late, as my race is on Sunday and I should have probably tried a few things out beforehand.. but I was wondering what everyone does for refuelling during long runs?

The longest training run I have done is 18km and I have never brought liquid or gels/snacks with me, but I know during my last HM I needed it since I was pushing myself more. Last time, some lovely spectators were handing out Jelly babies so I graciously took those.. but I was wondering what works best for you?



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  • I'm a jelly baby girl. I eat 1/2 a jelly baby after 5km and then every 2.5km I eat another 1/2. I found this amount for me wasn't too sickly and just kept me topped up. This is for the longer runs. If I'm going out for 7km I don't take anything expect 200ml of fresh orange juice mixed with water and sometimes I add a little salt if it's really hot. Anything over 5km I always take my orange juice mix as its carbs and I am a sweaty Betty. Good luck for Sunday. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks very much! I ended up having jelly babies every few km from some lovely spectators who were giving them out to anyone who looked exhausted haha

    I am very sore today, but feel very accomplished :)

    Thanks for your support!

  • Well done. You derseved to feel accomplished. I love the spectators at the events, they just give you such a buzz. Happy recovery.

  • Thanks very much! I had a flapjack and seed bar on hand for the end, and it was just what I needed. Thanks very much for the suggestion! I am very tired today, but the atmosphere was great and Oxford was lovely!

    I really appreciate your kind words and support!

  • Hi.. I can often struggle with fuelling on long runs. I do tend to have jelly babies and marshmallows as they can be light on the tummy. Also a couple of dates won't go amiss either. Depends how far I've ran. I always take a bottle of water to hydrate too. :-)

  • I don't like the sticky mouth and hands from jelly babies and the like.

    I only ate during my half marathon and that was only a homemade energy bar which was in my jacket pocket round my waist. It didn't melt as it was a coldish day (thankfully).

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