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A good 9k trail run...and a sock recommendation!

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I went out intending to run a 6/7k trail run this morning, wrapped up warm against the cold and sporting my newly arrived Dexshell Ultralite waterproof socks (as recommended in this month's Running Fitness magazine!). I ended up doing a 9K run through fields, woodland and muddy bridleway on what was probably the toughest run I have yet done. It was quite tricky underfoot at times - a mixture of sticky mud, frozen mud and of course, good old water! I also managed to run up a hill that had previously defeated me, so proof that my legs are definately getting stronger!

The socks though, they were amazing! πŸ˜€ Comfy, warm and yep, definately waterproof! I don't mind getting muddy and wet (truth is, I actually quite like it) but these socks allow all the splashing around you like, with the added bonus that you get home with warm, dry feet! I paid about Β£17 for mine. Sounds a lot but not compared to some other brands out there. Worth checking out if you run off road a lot.

Hope everyone has great runs this weekendπŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ».

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Oh - I might look at them. My poor toes have started to object to prolonged wet freezing. Thanks

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to ancientrunner

You're welcomeπŸ˜€!


Well done Sandra on a good run, the satisfaction you get on a run like that makes running enjoyable. Nice report on those socks, I will have to check them out. 😊

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Frank-ntj

So true! So beautiful - what it's all about!πŸ˜€

They look nice, I shall look for those :)


Oooh thanks for sharing this Sandra, they sound fab ! :-)

Well done on your 9k !, fantastic ! :-) xxx

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to poppypug

Thanks poppy! How you doing today on the ol' couch? Hope you feel a little better.

poppypugGraduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra, Antibiotics are starting to kick in , so my tooth is bearable at the moment. Leg not too bad today but have been resting it .

Fingers crossed, Im working on my comeback ! :-) xxx

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to poppypug

GoodπŸ˜€. Fingers crossed for you!

poppypugGraduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you, my lovely xxx


Oooh - they look lovely. My feet are also beginning to suffer from trench foot :-( ! Can I ask - are they double skinned to help with blisters as well ? Well done on the run - your 10k race in March will be a doddle !

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Hidden

Hi lucca, they have three layers - the interlining is apparently "porelle waterproof breathable membrane". Very comfy. I haven't suffered from blisters (yet!) but imagine they might help. Dexshell do several different types of socks, these are the most lightweight. Have a Google and a readπŸ˜€. Yep, really looking forward to my 10k run I'm March - just have to make sure I stay injury-free!

Hidden in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks - I'll definitely have a look :-)

hi sandra

i wear a simiiar compression sock and recomend them!!



Sounds interesting as I think I get blisters due to wet feet! Thing is, wouldn't they get sweaty anyway? So never going to be dry?


Please could you send me a link to the mentioned "Running Fitness magazine"?? I'm missing out on the fun.. thank you.

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to jedi_d

Sorry, I don't have a link as my subscription is for the good ol' fashioned paper February edition! You could try Google I guess?

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