Bridge to 10K

Half marathon next weekend!!!

Have been absent from here for a little while, you know how life seems to get in the way, Christmas and New Year were busy with family as ever and have been ill on and off for what seems like months with different infections and bugs! Needless to say training for the above mentioned has not exactly gone to plan. The furthest I have run is 10 miles, and that was this Saturday just gone. I'm running with my brother and sister, and we have decided that if we have to power walk, we will still finish regardless and I will be pleased with that. I did contemplate dropping out of the half marathon, but after running 10 miles on Saturday, I felt ok (ish)

So fingers crossed we will be ok, we will keep each other going and even if we do end up power walking, I am determined we will run over the finish line.

Its the Helsby half in case anyone else on here is doing it, if you see me, I will be very red faced and sweaty! give me a shout out :P

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If you've run 10 miles, you will manage the extra three on the day. Don't worry. Just think of it as doing a slow parkrun on the end of what you've done already.


Thanks so much hope your right! ☺


Congrats on the 10miles, Jules. I'm sure, like Adam says, that you'll manage to do the full HM on the day -the adrenalin alone will help. All the very best :)

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Thanks very much! Strangely looking forward to it and a bit nervous at the same time ☺


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